Friday, December 30, 2011

collage sounds a lot like college.

Indeed this may seem totally strange to most people, but I am SOO looking forward to school starting again. Whether it's because I'll be working less, I'll be moved out of the house, or my cutest cousin will FINALLY be back from Russia, I don't know. But I am excited nevertheless. I may have gotten a little overly thrilled and signed myself up for not 12, not even 15, but 18 credits. I may or may not have bit off more than I can chew. But, I mean, HELLO! It's college, you're supposed to be in over your head. You're supposed to experiment (at least I'm not doing sketchy things). You're supposed to take a million classes to see what you really love. And so, I'm taking six. 

Painting 1
Biology Lab
Math 1050 

Perhaps I should drop a class. I'm a little on the fence about it. I don't have to take Painting 1, sure. But how fun? I will admit, I'm a little bit of a copycat. My sister majored in Art and so now, I want to do it! If my sister loves it, I might! However, I probably won't have the wonderful talent that she has. 

I mean really, who paints this well? My sister, that's who.

Shakespeare is definitely a class that I am willingly throwing myself into. Whether or not it will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing, I am unsure. But... from reading two plays my senior year in high school, I was absolutely in love. Shakespeare... WHAT A GUY! As a side note: I absolutely, positively, and completely refuse to see the movie "Anonymous". Yeah right. I will never watch a movie disrespecting my most favorite writer, claiming Mr. Bill Shakespeare stole the stories? Pssshhhhh! Joke. So because I love him, I'm leaning more towards staying in that class.. thoughts?

I have indeed risked my pride in showing this photo. But look how much I love him!

Leadership. Well one day I'll be the Prez of this united nation, so that class can only help right? (Now I know the words "WHY?" and "HOW?" are flying out of all of your mouths right now, after reading that last sentence. But don't fret. I am not planning on EVER being the President of the United States. Yeah right. What a joke.) 

Anyhow... last night, while writing my latest post I decided that "hey, maybe I should look at the cost of my textbooks before I start these classes. Perhaps, they will be too expensive and my decision will be made." So... I looked on the trusty UVU website where it tells you what course materials you will  be needing for your classes. And let me tell you..... I was shocked.

Leadership was surprisingly fabulous. 2 books required. 1 being a mere $.99 and the other only $15 which I don't need to buy, because I'm fairly certain my sister has it. Unless she got rid of it. Which is likely.

Shakespeare didn't have any materials needed. Holla Dueces! Plus I already have his complete works. So that's good.

Math didn't have any. PTL cause I hate math.

Painting was the same as math. Except I have a feeling I will be needing to go to the local art store and pay a trillion dollars on paint supplies once the class starts.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Biology. I'm thinking this class may turn into my new "never going to that class" class. This class requires around 7 billion books all priced in the neighborhood of roughly 6 trillion dollars each. YEAH RIGHT!! Except.... I am required to take this class if I ever want to go to Med School. Gay wads.

So... I think my decision has been made. I will stay in my classes. All of them. For right now at least. We'll see what the semester brings.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogging woes and those who read them...

Let me start this blog post with a few simple questions:
1. Who invented blogging? Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy writing interesting factoids about my life for others to read, and more than that, I enjoy reading about others lives. But for real, it is probably the most distracting activity in the world. "OH! I found a lucky penny today! I. MUST. BLOG. ABOUT. THIS." "I got an A on my paper! Check! Going on the blog!" and my least and also my most favorite "My life sucks. I have no friends, I failed my finals, everybody hates me. Blog, you will be getting endless amounts of posts about how much my life sucks worse than the next person." So... if any of you have any information on the matter, I would love to know the culprit behind it. Thanks.

2. Why must all bloggers (alright let's be reasonable, not ALL, but indeed a fair few) put on the "woe is me" bit?  It's like, 
Dear detrimental bloggers - you know who you are - lets put an end to this, mostly because we all think our lives suck, at some point. We don't want to read yours. It puts a serious damper on our day. Sincerely, readers of your mundane and very very depressing blog. 

3. Why am I so worried about blogs and those who write on them? Because I blog. Embarrassing.

4. What is the point of talk shows? Like famous people just talk to other famous people about their fabulous lives, wonderful vacations, and super fancy homes, cars, and wardrobes (which is probably what i envy most. The clothing. I'm addicted). Which just makes people feel worse about themselves. Thus, triggering more of the despicable blogs. A vicious vicious circle.

Now lets, veer off the topic of blogging. Because I. Am. Over it. And "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d#$&" (name the movie and my respect for you will increase immensely). 

Today, my lovelies, has been quite a lazy hazy day of winter, rather than summer. Which I am almost wishing was the latter - summer that is. Now normally, I favor winter over summer. Any day of the week, I would choose winter. However, lately this weather is putting a real downer on my life. JUST SNOW. Anyhow, back to my day because I have resorted to the weather. How boring.

So today... I slept in. Something I haven't had the luxury of doing in quite some time. Wonderous. It was the most fabulous thing in the world. I then, around 7 short hours later, partook of my mom's fabulous homemade tacos. Homemade tortilla's, salsa, and guacomole. So delish. All in all, it has been a most delightful day. Yahoo for that. Let us all have wonderful days for the rest of eternity. And that we may never have the unfortunate experience of writing our woes on the internet. 

Peace and Blessings!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


being the two 18 year old college students that we are, rebellion comes naturally to us. i mean hello we're college students. obviously, not everyone can be as rebellious as us... it's pretty risky business. so folks, what i'm saying is, don't try this at home.

our genius idea consisted of us taking a stroll down memory lane. a not so distant memory.
this lane was more of a "last week lane" seeing as we took a detour onto the campus of UVU.
i know, you're all trippin right now. crazy. we are out of control. be careful.
we originally planned to go up to the 4th floor of the library and pull one of those funny improv
hilarity would soon overcome us when we took the elevator to the 4th floor and sit. silently.
i know, and in a LIBRARY?! then we would proceed to stand up, at exactly 11:28 and leave. silently.
it would be so funny. so rebellious. instead, we realized that "hey, the semester is over."
no students, no studying, no open library.

instead, we settled with parking in a handicapped parking spot. #1 risk. in the UVU "employee parking only". #2 risk. with no rearview mirror adornment (parking pass). #3 risk.
we were living on the edge. what if a campus police officer came?! and we didnt even have a parking pass of any sort hanging from the rearview mirror, triple dangerous. tickets could have been in our future. no no. no tickets on my record.

we quickly left, fearing our unfortunate fate that we KNEW would occur (which of course probably wouldn't, even if we stayed there ALL NIGHT LONG). but there is something about running to the car in a panic and pretending that we might get caught, squealing out of the parking lot, and speeding away that makes adrenaline rush through my veins.

now because this was the adventure of a lifetime, oh and that i officially consider myself a risk taker, if i were you, i would be impatiently waiting for the next great adventure of a samantha and nicole. be careful though. like i said before, don't try these stunts at home.

so here is the picture to document.
(mind you, the parking lot was completely and 100% empty).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Finals...

Being my first semester of real life college... I expected finals to be a hard time. A week of stressing, studying, all-nighters, so on and so forth - a never ending list describing the horrific time finals would bring me.

Fortunately for me, I only had 2. Yes, 2.
Art History
That is all.
(Would have been 3, but my English final was cancelled! Yipeee)

Math, of course, being possibly my least favorite subject and the bane of my existence was somewhat of a stressor for me... Although, it never turned into the classic freak out you hear about: crying, pulling your hair out, etc etc. basically becoming an emotional wreck. I mostly just studied until I got bored (which happened to be a short 5 minutes into studying) and went on to do "better" things with my day. Apparently this studying tactic worked pretty well because I scored relatively high on the final! Yahoo!

Art History was nothing more than memorizing a few names and dates and I was golden.

I sincerely hope that next semester brings me the same luck... but seeing as beginners luck doesn't come to those who are no longer beginners, I don't think I'll be so fortunate. Sigh.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yooouurrr Teeaaammm

I have recently discovered that "Your Team" is best played in heavily populated areas. Areas such as Walmart Supercenters and college campuses. I have captured these shots of the charming characters that inhabit such places in Utah Valley.

 I will model my fashions after this one forever.

I must say, I want this guy on my team. He seems like a geniune guy. Complete with floods, loafers, and an over-the-shoulder bag. And no, those are not socks. Just his pasty white skin.

 Rebel without a cause. And unnatural flaming red hair. I'd say he's an excellent addition to your team. He could perhaps scare and/or intimidate competing teams members with that all black outfit - complete with a leather jacket completely covered in zippers. Not to mention those sunglasses.. don't get me started on those sunglasses!

Let the games begin,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

first and foremost

I always told myself "you will not get a blog, you will not get a blog," but somehow, by some twist of fate, I was convinced; a blog was a necessity.


First and foremost, let me say.. welcome! Welcome to my Life Lately.

Though, I realize that the life of a mere college student is the furthest thing from interesting, I will make an attempt to keep you intrigued.

Happy blogging!