Monday, December 3, 2012

It's not all It's cracked up to be.

I've been thinking a lot about life.
I was discussing my career options and the routes I could take to get me to what I want to do with my family today.
Which brought up the whole "what is your major?" and "what exactly do you want to do?" debate.
Yes, I know what I'm majoring in, and yes, I know what I want to do... kind of.
But then I think: "what if I get done with my schooling and I hate the career path I chose?" well then, you're just out of luck. Oops. Wrong choice.

But as I was talking with some friends earlier, the topic of being a kid came up.
And I couldn't help but think... why is everyone in such a hurry to grow up?
I don't know about you guys, but being a kid is the thing I miss the most.
Only kids can run around, act like total fools, and laugh at anything and everything and still be considered cute.
It doesn't matter if they're caked in mud, messed up their hair, or did something dumb. They will ALWAYS be cute.
So my question is... why does everyone want to be an adult so quickly?
Why is everyone so anxious to get married and have babies?
Why does everyone want to be so independent?

I am not ashamed to say that I still want to mess around.
I still want to do stuff I know I probably shouldn't do.
I still want to spend money on useless toys and concerts and plane tickets to far away places.
I still want to be totally unreasonable and complain about stupid things.
I still want to be a kid, is the short way of putting it.

So let's all slow down and enjoy the ride.
Seriously, let's not grow up so fast.

Because I still want to put leaves behind my ears and pretend I'm an elephant.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

self indulged

Just a few things that have been heavy on the brain....

- I am so thankful for whoever made this video.. It's probably the best thing I have ever seen.

- I can't get over how much I love the snow. I know it's no longer with us, but I definitely wish it was... because it's the prettiest weather there is. The whole world changes color and everything is magical. I couldn't dream of something more perfect.

-I am never happier than when it's cold outside. This may sound backwards to most of you but... nothing pleases me more than cuddling in a warm blanket with a good book. I know I'm being cliche, but I'm being perfectly serious.

-I'm so obsessed with this song lately. I can't stop listening to it. And dancing like an absolute fool. Oops.

-I never really understand how much my mom does for me until she leaves.
She's perfect and she does so much. She left me last weekend to go to a wedding in Reno, and I can honestly say that she is my best friend and I have the most fun when I'm hanging out with her (pathetic as it may be). Basically, I love my mom... a whole lot.

- It has been brought to my attention that my mom is a mom that many of the boys my age would like to "hang out" with (if you're catching my drift). I can't decide if I'm proud or really really disturbed.

-I quite possibly have the best roommate in the history of roommates.

-I have never understood the saying "same difference"

-I really don't like it when people say "I could care less." If you could... then you would.. so how about you do. How about you care a little less.

-I'm easily persuaded... especially if you talk in circles and confuse me. But I'm also very good at talking in circles. Conundrum.

-I get ecstatic about very strange things. And very mad and about stranger things. I find it very hard to believe that McDonalds can run out of ice cream..

-Christmas is my best time. I love seeing the pretty lights everywhere.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

take on me

Halloween is the best holiday (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas).
Just like October is the best month (except for November and December).

But really. Halloween is the best.
My mom makes killer homemade potato soup in delicious pumpkin-shaped bread bowls
We have witches brew (which is just cider with dry ice to make it look spooky).
We go to the pumpkin patch.
We carve the best pumpkins.
We party like it's 1999.

This halloween was especially mad.
My friend from work decided it would be a good idea to dress up as ballers.

And I must say, I agreed with her.
It turns out, we look more like guys then I'd like to admit.

After work was over (hallelujah - I was there for far too long) I had that infamous potato soup.
My cutie friends came over and we decided to go to Insomnia, the UVU dance.
Because we had to come up with a costume in 20 seconds, we settled on being "those girls" who don't wear pants on Halloween
Don't worry we wore shorts, though.
Don't judge us.

At this very dance party... quite a few weird things happened to us.
1.  We were approached by many disgusting boys. "Yeah right, you can't dance with me," I'd say.
2.  We danced like absolute fools and no one really judged us.

And this is how I looked after (SOO PRETTY)

The next day Alexa and I decided to go to 80's night.

That was good.
Like we probably shouldn't have gone because we got maybe like 3 hours of sleep the night before.
And maybe because we like had to wear neck braces.
And probably also because we had school/work early Friday morning and 80's never ends, I swear.
But we went anyway.
And it was a blast. But we danced too hard for 4 hours.
And my body hated me Friday.

Honestly... Friday was supposed to be the chillest day of my life.
But I worked a 9 hour shift at work.. that sucked.
And I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to be dancing all the time.
It's become more natural than like.. breathing.

In case you couldn't tell.. this week was pretty outrageous.
But also pretty wonderful.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

best and worst

You wanna know the worst feelings in the world?
I'll tell you.
1. When you're looking forward to a certain point in the day and then time just seems to crawl by. 
2. When you think something is going to be awesome and it ends up being totally lame.
3. Growing up. Life was so much easier when I was little.
Boo on that. It's the absolute worst and I hate every second of these instances. 
But you wanna know the best feelings in the world?
I'll tell you.
1. When you spend time with a 5 year old that thinks jokes like
    "Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7-8-9" & "What is a mustache, a hair, and a unicorn?" are hilarious. 
2. When you spend quality time with family that you might see on the regular but are funny every time. 
    I love my family. 
    The 5 year old I refer to: Adalie. She's the cutest thing on the planet and she will soon be 6. Growing up too fast! 
    The rest of them are pretty awesome too. 
3. Realizing that you've been friends with the same person for 14 years and then having an incredible photo to show for it.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

do blondes, do they like really have more fun?

Do blondes, do they like really have more fun?
Since the time I saw this movie, I have wondered if it's a true statement.
I'm starting to think that it is.
We do crazy things and it's 100% acceptable.. cause we're blonde.
However.. I've had some good times with folks with brown hair too..

An awesome example of this is this last week.
Holy cow you guys.
It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!
Here's just a few of the things I participated in.

Starting with Sunday (Oct. 7)
I have the cutest friends in the world.
We decided that we should maybe go up the canyon between conference sessions.
This was decided based on several different factors.
   1. The canyon has some pretty killer colors happening
   2. It was a pretty beautiful day. Not too hot. Not too cold.
   3. My roommate lost her beloved Richie. A very disgusting mouse. Meaning we had to have a service. It was beautiful.

We then got home and decided that our time would best be spent making the best fort anyone had ever seen.

 After which we made the snap decision to send out christmas cards.
Cue the twinkle light photos.

So.. like I said. I have the cutest friends in the world. 
On Monday (Oct. 8) we went shopping. 
After hearing about Alexa's incredible shopping experience, we had to go.
To put it simply, I spent about $50 on like... 10 different articles of clothing

Tuesday (Oct 9)
I got to spend some quality time with one of the cutest babies on the planet
He goes by the name of Krew Hunter.
I love him.
He's the best.

Wednesday (Oct. 10)
Unfortunately there will be no photos for this day as it was the boring day of the week.
By boring I mean it was the most calm.
All I did was go to school, attend Wolverine Wednesday, take a nap, go to work, come home and party with my roommate.
This song was the theme of the night because it was stuck in my head and I sang it all night long.
I may have said some weird stuff.. but I will not disclose this information because it will most likely cause me much embarrassment.

Thursday (Oct. 11)
80's night.
We decided that after living in Utah our whole lives and being over 18 for the past 1.5 years we should maybe take the plunge.
So we did.
I consulted the coolest cat on the planet with what we should wear.
Those of you who know my mom, you know that she would only have good ideas. She's the best.
We decided that dressing in the same fashion as the stoners of the 80's would give us the best results: minimal grinding and butt grazing.

Unfortunately for us...
The outfits did nothing for the grinding and butt grazing attempts.
Another unfortunate.
The boys (well humans rather - some girls attempted too which is super nuts) were not attractive. In the least.
However, we did see some cool peeps when we arrived. So we danced the night away.
It wasn't until 2:00 A.M. that we were headed home.

It was a blast. 
But the weirdness of the night didn't hit me until we got home.
I'm not entirely sure, but I may or may not have gotten 2nd hand high. 

Friday morning (Oct 12) was a toughy.
I don't know how people go clubbin' on the reg.
Too tired for that.
In attempts to recuperate from the previous night's partying, we got some hot chocolate and drove around for a while.
It didn't work.
I slept the rest of the day away and I'm pretty sure I'm still not over it.

Saturday (Oct. 13) was spent doing a whole bunch of shopping with my mom.
I love her.
She's the funnest person to hang out with.
While it may not sound like the coolest thing when you read this (I'm almost certain it won't), it actually was.
My mom understands my obsession with Harry Potter but doesn't share it, unfortunately.
However, for some reason she decided to make up some spells with me on Saturday.
Her best one was
"By the pricking of my thumb
  You are really really dumb"
My mom, in short, is hilarious.
Shortly after shopping I attented The Haunted Circus and barely survived.
The thing is, the haunted house wasn't even that scary.
But my paralyzing fear of the dark coupled with my fear of clowns was not a good combo.
I closed my eyes about half the time while Nicole - usually the sissiest person at haunted houses - was left to navigate us through.

Naturally my life is awesome.
Nah... this last week was awesome.
I'm hoping this week will be just as incredible.
But... it's unlikely.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Living the life. Loving the life.

My life as of late:
I wear cozy sweaters
I'm really digging the cool fall weather. I can finally pull out the cozy sweaters. 
I have WAY too many cozy sweaters, and I'm over it.

Here's one of them:

I drink warm beverages
Fall means nice Pumpkin flavored goodies. Mainly the spiced pumpkin latte.
"I'd like a tall Spiced Pumpkin Latte, hold the coffee please" I'm so metropolitan.

I work. A lot.
My life is hectic-er than yours. At work last week, I had to read oh about.... 6 MILLION SALES
In the words of Hailey: "At least I didn't get ANY homework done."
*In case you can't tell... that's about 100 papers. Not an exaggeration. All of the sales we had... in ONE day. 

I go to shows and get fake drunk
My best guy Roger plays his guitar while singing angelic tunes at the mocktail lounge known as Spark on Thurdays occasionally.
So I go.. with friends who get too excited about the fake drinks.
Roger is still pretty incredible though.

I buy autobiographies
Recently I've been really into Jazz.
Specifically Billie Holiday. She is woman.
So.. I got on the internet and decided to research her.
And I found that she wrote an autobiography so I got on Amazon and bought the book.
Rash decision? Maybe. Awesome decision? Yes.

I go to mustache parties
My only single sister left, Megan Robertson, had a birthday.
She celebrated the best way she knew how. Mustaches.
I went to the party after being yelled at by her little brother and then enjoyed every second of my time there.
People danced like maniacs while I watched from the sidelines (actually from a tie-dye chair that sinks so low that incidentally you are sitting on the ground).
Quite the night.

I love cats.
Like I've said. Recently I've been really into cats. This picture says it all. 
My cat is the stupidest creature. But also the snuggliest. She's so fat, it's unreal. 
Just.... MEOW

I make snap decisions. I'm spontaneous.
My friend, Ashlee, and I decided to make the spontaneous decision to go down south this last weekend.
She was going to see a friend while I was going just for the ride, basically. 
When her plans didn't work out, we turned it into a "Girls Only Trip" 
It was great. We took some awesome drives and went to some mad parties
"Where the drinks at?!" actually we didn't go to mad parties but we did find kitties that we wanted to bring home. Too bad her mom wouldn't let her. 

I'm convinced I lead the most incredible life. It's unreal.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

sometimes i dance

I know I've already told you how rad my work is.. But you guys have no idea.
The girls I work with are "UNNNREAL!" (a common word here in the office)

- We yell at each other just to make a scene
- We spy on the marketers - but we're not stalkers. Stop judging
- We have discussions about kitties
- We have discussions about how someday we maybe think we'll get married
- We listen to One Direction on the regular
- We sometimes have dance parties when the night is going by too slowly

So for you listening pleasure.. here's the song we dance to.
Go have a dance party. Let your hair down. Go wild.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's the best time of year

I am 100% convinced that Fall is the best season of the year.
Spring can try to compete with it's chilly air and nice breezes...
But does spring have cozy cozy clothes and awesome hot beverages?
Is it acceptable to still be wearing scarves and loving the fact that it's below 50 degrees in the Spring?
Don't even think about doing that stuff.
The Summer lovers will find you and convince you that you should get out those old shorts.
The Summer lovers will convince you that it's warm enough to wear tank tops again.
Trust me, it's not.

Anyway.. Fall. It's the best. I love it almost all the time.
The only time I don't love it so much is when I get a terrible cold that never seems to go away.
The cold that makes you feel like you're on your deathbed. Say goodbye to your loved ones.
Make sure they know that you love them... cause you'll be crossing over in no time at all.

As I was complaining about the current predicament I'm in - this horrendous cold - my roommate brought something to my attention.
She said: "I'm kind of jealous of you. Fall is the best time to have a cold."
When I looked at her like she was a maniac, she continued on with her explanation. "You get to wear cuddly clothes, and drink hot drinks, and just be cozy and no one can judge you."
Well put Alexa, well put.

So now I think I'm a little in love with my fatal cold.
It has allowed me to make my transition to fall beautifully.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

wanna know something?

I'm gonna let you lovelies in on a little secret.
It's possible that I'm the weirdest human on the planet.
And.. I'm sorry to say that my weirdness is rubbing off on and affecting those around me.

exhibit a:
This past Thursday I went with my mom on a few little errands. And because I was so well-behaved she went with me to this little antique shop I love dearly...
All was going well. We looked at some awesome stuff that I NEED. I HAVE TO HAVE IT! (overreaction, I'm ok with it). And then we found some cutsie stuff that would be way cute in our separate apartments. Such a great outing.. And then I decided I wanted to go to the section on the second level of the shop. As I reached the top of the stairs, I was greeted by this fellow. So weird. So scary. So weird. 
So sorry mom for making this weird situation happen. If you would have been with anyone else... this mannequin most likely wouldn't have been peering around the corner at you..

exhibit b:
My friend Ashlee (Twit, Twitter, BG, Favorite Person) and I decided to take an institute class together again this semester. Only it's a little different this time around. Meaning, we're actually attending.
This semester we're taking dating and courtship, mostly because we need to learn how to get dates. And get courted. The one thing that has been pounded into our heads is: "Make yourself more attractive. Smile more." The only question is what happens if your smile isn't the most attractive thing in the world? Well than, you'll just have to get a new face. Sorry.
So I guess it's not totally weird that Ashlee is showing some weird sam-like tendencies, probably because we're almost basically the same person. But how about this girl in the back? She was pretty normal the whole class... until this picture was snapped. That's when the weird came out.
So I apologize to the girl in the back. I'm sorry that I'm in your institute class thus causing you to do things that you wouldn't normally do.. like make the face in public.

exhibit c:
Recently I've been into kitties. Love them. They're so cuddly! MEOW! And upon taking this institute class (the very class you just read about) I have come to the conclusion that I may not ever get a date... :( Probably because of my weirdness. So I'm going to become the youngest cat lady in history.
History majors will study me. I will go down in infamy. This is what the textbooks will read: "Samantha Abney, the youngest cat lady who ever lived. She gave up hope at 20 and bought 20 cats." or something like that.
I didn't realize that my constant talk of the many kitties would convince others to love them as well.. Poor Ashlee.
I'm sorry that I have talked about cats so much that you want to become a social recluse now too.. Sorry.

 exhibit d:
On Saturday my friend Nicole and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to the P.C. Park City that is. We had high hopes. We went to Main Street thinking it was the cutest place in the world. We walked into this cute little Bistro to eat some little foodies.
Little did we know that these little foodies would be the nastiest foodies we would ever eat. So gross. Stunk like onions and something I won't say (as it will quite possibly make you stop reading this post and run into your bathroom.. cause you'll be sick).
Anyway.. we quickly went and got some ice cream and ran into this sign that said "Hot Blondie" me being pretty sure of myself... posed for a picture. I'm like.. duh. That's me. They knew I was coming.
So I'm sorry Park City ice cream shop that I can't remember the name of. Sorry for coming to Park City, causing you to write this sign, that you, no doubt, had countless amounts of blondes pose in front of. So so sorry.

exhibit e:
Nicole has been hanging out with me too much.. For some reason, it doesn't even phase her that we are wearing these animal hats. Any sane human would look at me and leave, without a word, leaving me standing awkwardly in the middle of this shop with a deer hat on her head.
She's ok with it. And she also is ok with taking pictures with statues. I promise she wasn't this weird until I moved to Provo in 1st grade.
So I'm sorry Nicole for making you a maniac. You get my condolences.

exhibit f: (last exhibit I promise)
This girl has got to be one of the cutest 5-year old's on the earth. But on Sunday, as I was sitting on my mom's couch acting like a lunatic most likely (I can't really remember what I was doing. Probably because I'm on my death bed with this awful head cold and I was pretty out of it). She found an American Flag, I most likely provided the home with for some weird reason, and starting marching around the room waving the flag saying:
"Come here to see the President! Come here to see the President! Come here to see the President!" I quickly pulled out my camera to take a photo and as soon as she saw it she started yelling:
"Show that to the President! Show that to the President!"
So... I'm sorry Adalie for being the weirdest cousin you have and for doing things and saying things that make you laugh. But you are 5 and so I think there might be hope for you yet. Let's all cross our fingers that you grow up normal. Although, it's not really likely.. cause I'm your relative. Shoot.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not so distantly

I have come to the conclusion that my life isn't quite as fun as I like to make people believe it is. 
Except, whoa, my life is pretty cool. 

1. I have the best job on the planet. Mostly, I get paid to do my homework, and talk to hilarious humans on the phone. Can't get any better than that. Plus! I am just seconds away from the most fantastic ice cream on the planet earth. 

2. I attend the single most wonderful school on the planet. Plus it has one of the most beautiful campuses my eyes have ever beheld.

3. I moved out into the cutest little townhouse in Provo, but sometimes I get scared when I'm there by myself. However, when my roommate, Alexa, is home... we tend to get some weird ideas. Music videos are made, pictures are taken... 

and sometimes we get ideas to go out in public looking like hood rats.. 

but then sometimes we find some really cool awesome stuff. Basically Utah is the prettiest state in the nation. Maybe.

4. I never leave school. So this causes problems in my social life. But sometimes it doesn't. Because I see most of my friends at school on the regs.

5. I seem to take a lot of photos.