Wednesday, January 25, 2012

college misconceptions

As I sit here contemplating this blog post and what I should say to sound witty and smart, I can't help but think of the million other things I should be doing right now. I should probably be doing my biology homework, I should probably be eating breakfast, I should probably catch up on my beauty sleep - that is to say, I should be sleeping still. I should probably be doing a lot of things, but here I sit. Blogging. Oh the downfalls of being a lowly college student.

Side note: Has anyone ever noticed that movies always portray college to be a constant party? Parties every weekend, staying up the whole night long. Not to mention, it always seems that finding a significant other puts more stress on the student than midterms or finals. 
*I would just like to put my two cents in and say... "YEAH RIGHT!!!"*

Definitely not how college really is. Well, for me at least. Going to school in "Happy Valley" might be a contributing factor to the differences between the college life I am experiencing and the college life we see on the big screen. But hey, wouldn't that make a good movie. No wild parties, going to bed at a reasonable hour, students stressing about upcoming tests and homework.... in the words of a one Rory Gilmore "Hello Hollywood? Boy, have I got a pitch for you!" Oh I think they'd eat that up on the West Coast. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

awkward meetings, terrific eatings

let me paint a picture for you folks.. 

rainy gloomy day (happy - in my opinion, i love rainy days)
cold cold cold cold outside
best and coziest sweater combo
freshly squeezed orange juice
brown sugar oatmeal with fresh banana slices on top
faint aroma of coffee
surrounded by books and books. 

this, my friends, is my life right now. 
i thought this day would be full of misery and woe...
simply because i had to wake up at the freaking crack of dawn to get to class at 7 in the a.m. but my day, fortunately has taken a turn for the best.

i arrived to my class 5 minutes late. i. am. a. slacker. sorry guys i know you thought more of me. anyhow... i got to class (biology lab) and suddenly my teacher starts discussing the importance of measuring correctly and the definition of molarity. all of which i understood because i made the fantastic choice to take chemistry senior year in high school (seriously take that class if you want to have any hope of getting a good grade in biology 1610.. i'm not even kidding you). but then he starts in on something i have never even heard.... using huge words like he was the dictionary or something. i was like "whoa man, calm it down. dumb it down. and sit it down. so i can go to sleep." he didn't do any of these things. instead he told us to get started on the lab. 

Ok... i'm going to paint you another picture, and i know all of you have experienced this at least once in your life... if you haven't, consider yourself very lucky. 

new class
new people - meaning you don't know ANYONE
assignment: "work together as a group"
look to your left, look to your right.... yep still don't know a single person here... looks like i'm flying solo dolo on this one.
young boy/girl looks straight into your soul and says: "hey you wanna be in my group??" you think you've hit the jackpot... cause they're probably really smart because they asked you to be in their group instead of working solo dolo like you. yep... they're the most unintelligent person in the classroom (aside from you, of course) and the lab takes you a least 17 million minutes to finish. 

so... that's what happened to me today, in a matter of speaking. i sat at my desk very awkwardly until the boy sitting next to me said.. "hey you wanna be in our group?" with a pretty intelligent looking fellow sitting next to him. turns out this "pretty intelligent looking fellow" not so intelligent. i mean, i guess he knew what he was doing, but he kept saying "but i don't know. lets ask the instructor." GEEEEEEESSSSSSSS guy. let's get this assignment done so i can leave.

well.... it worked out. we did totally awesome on the lab and our teacher nick-named our small group of three "the turbo racers" awesome. we finished first, i was out of there an hour early and i am now eating the most wonderful oatmeal. 

life. is. good.

Friday, January 13, 2012

news news news

News in the life of Sam:
1. I moved out of my mama's house and into an apartment with my cousin.

mmmm yeah... we're babes.
     EH..... yeah. I did. I find it hard to believe myself sometimes. But I promise you this... It's super fun.

2. Second semester of school started. Holla! Here is my course load. (<<< yep, I said course load).
         Math 1050
         Biology 1610
         Biology Lab
         Leadership Mentoring
    oh yes, this semester will be filled with adventure and a lot of stress. So... expect that in the future

    Now, I know you can't tell, but I am currently typing this post on my brand spanking new MacBook
    Pro. Yes. I spent quite a lot of money on a computer. Sure, you could say it's snobby, but I like to say
    that I'm just very particular. Very, very particular. Judge if you must. I know some of you are
    screaming in your head (or perhaps out loud, which i think is a bit over the top) "Why would you
    spend that much money on a laptop when you could get one that's just as good for half the price?!"
    Well let me tell you naysayers why. Because it's a MacBook. That's why.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

family fun time

Dear Blog readers,
Let me tell you how much I love my mom. She is so funny.
Just this evening we were having family bonding time. Which consisted of the usual activity. Watching T.V. Yes, I know. Healthy. We are a good family and spend good time together. DON'T JUDGE US. Anyhow... back to the point of this story.. We were watching T.V. (probably Friends - a show we mutually love) and this commercial came on. About depression. It was sad. Depression is sad. But it was one of those commercials that is the little cartoon people walking around with the black hole following them, or in this case, a blue robe. You read that correctly. A blue robe was following a woman around (If you've seen the commercial you know what I'm talking about). She got out of bed, took the robe off, it sprouted some eyes, and followed her two steps where her home suddenly turned into a doctors office and a creepy looking gray haired doctor enters the shot. He proceeds to pull down a screen to turn on a movie type thing of himself talking about the drug that he is supposed to be promoting. Don't worry he's still standing next to the screen. Still in the shot. Two creepy gray haired men. Awkward. Meanwhile, the woman is taking notes on what the doctor on the pull down screen is saying.... so is the robe. The commercial continues on to show a scene of the woman and her family having a get-together. A family gathering if you will - similar to the one that my mom and I were having. But not really. This cartoon family is hanging out in their yard. The woman and her husband sit in the hammock while the depression decides to sit in a chair near the couple, looking quite content. If you look to the right, there is an awkwardly placed boy, leaning up against a tree. And if you wait just a few seconds, a girl will appear. To take a picture.

Soooooo...... This was our conversation while watching the commercial

Mom: "soo... why is that robe not letting her take it off?"
Me: "um... cause it's depression mom..."
Mom: "OH EM GOSH! look at that doctor. CA-REEPY!"
Me: "Agreed. Creep. How weird that he's watching himself talk on that screen."
Mom: "Why is the depression taking notes? Does he think he can stick around? Whatevs depression."
Me: "I hate this commercial."
Mom: "Ok sure depression, come to the family party. You look like the cookie monster. Not a robe."
Me: "Look at that awkward boy on the right side. Leaning against the tree. Does he even be part of the family?"
Mom: "Who is that girl taking a picture? Poparazzi! Get out of here girl! You weren't even invited!"
Me: "I hate this commercial"
Mom: "Oh em gosh. Me too."

Mind you, she was serious throughout the whole thing. No laughs, no smiles, not even so much as a smirk. Straight faced. Serious. After a few seconds, I came to realize that the conversation we had about the commercial actually happened, and I couldn't refrain from laughing right out loud. She, of course, had no idea what I was laughing at. Hilarity overcame me and I was dying. She only laughed because I was. Still had no idea what was so funny.
She's a riot. I love my mom. She is probably the best mom out there.

P.S. This is the commercial I was referring to.

Take a look if you wish. The quality isn't the best but it gets the point across and imagine Ker Ber saying all of those things. Here's a photo of her if it helps:

so pretty huh?