Thursday, September 12, 2013


So I went to Venice too.
It ain't no big thang
I rode a gondola.
So I'm crossing that off my bucket list.
Plus the guy rowing looked slightly like Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy.
So.... I was definitely swooning.

Aren't my friends the cutest?
Isn't Venice beautiful?
Don't you think that gondola man is just a heartthrob?
YEEEAAAHHHHH.... I think so too.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Soooo... I uh.... I went to Florence. 
And the entire time I was there I was thinking "WHAAAAA?!"
You want to see it?

I could not have picked a better group of girls to go to Florence with.
I could not have picked a better group of girls to really go anywhere with.
We had such a blast.
Let me tell you about the train ride in.
It was the easiest thing.
Besides the luggage part.
But traveling with 6 other girls that you just love is a piece of cake.
And our hotel was un-freaking-real.
Used to be a castle.
Plus the guy at the desk liked us so he gave us the best room in the place.
I think our entire flat from London could have fit in there.
BUT...... the wifi wasn't free.... so... oops. Sorry Florence that's your downside.
I wish I could have spent more time in Florence.
Mostly because I wish I would have been able to experience the Ufizzi Gallery.
Sadly, I didn't.
But... I did get to climb up a mountain and look at the city from the Piazzale Michelangelo.

And then I couldn't believe where I was
And I couldn't believe who I was with.
And on the way up the mountain I was the happiest and all the girls were just happy and willing to keep climbing higher and higher. It was so motivational and I could probably do some speeches on it and learn a bunch of lessons and stuff from it.
Florence is beautiful and I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY wish we had more time there but the two days was so wonderful that I can't even explain it.
I had some delicious gelato and even better pizza (seriously. Florence has the best pizza on the planet).
And I bought some leather stuff.
And I died and went to heaven I think.
But then we tried to walk down a street and the military yelled at us.
This is real life.
And then we found a fruit stand and I had the best peach and plum of my life.
Sooooo there's that.
But I WILL go back there someday.
You mark my words.

Now go and find a place you love too too much.
Experience the world.


Monday, September 2, 2013

The Last Day in Roma.

I don't know if it can get much better than admiring beautiful sculptures followed by going to a beach in Italy!
The Borghese gallery...
There are no words.
Unfortunately no photos were allowed, otherwise I would show you just a small sample of what I witnessed there.
It was the most beautiful thing in my life.
And I might have shed a tear or two.
They even have Caravaggio paintings there.
If you're any sort of an art history buff, you would know what this means. Seriously you guys.
Unfortunately I only had about 2 hours there (I could have spent an entire day in this small gallery).
Sperlonga to be exact.
We weren't able to go to Cinque Terre so we went to Sperlonga.
And to be honest, I'm not sure if anywhere in the world could be more perfect (besides maybe the UK).
I know all of you who have experienced Cinque Terre are probably cursing me right now.
But here's what I have to say to you: "I'm OVER IT"
Sperlonga was beautiful.
However, the process of getting there was a nightmare.
The walk back to the metro was longer than I remembered when walking TO the gallery.
But we made it and then we had to get in an elevator.
I thought that elevator would be my final resting place.
It was moving so slowly and it was about 10,000 degrees in there.
Then the metro was SOO crowded and 3 of our group members didn't get to the train in time.
So we all watched them fade into the crowds on the platform like every cliche movie you've seen with a train scene.
And then there's the actual train station where we were to board our train to Sperlonga.
I am not exaggerating when I say that our train smelled like a zoo.
It was awful.
And we thought that there would be a few seats throughout the train.
No. None.
We stood the entire time.
Well... I didn't.
I think that my group members knew I was in an awful mood so they let me sit in one of the seats for the last few minutes of the ride.
We FINALLY got to our stop and then had to wait for the bus, which seemed like it was taking 3 hours.
And still there was no sign of our friends we had to leave at the metro.
Then. We got off the bus.
And we saw the beach.
And we all wanted to cry cause we were FINALLY there.
Then we got to the beach.
And we saw this.
(apologies for the bad quality iPhone photos)

And this

And I was in love with the Mediterranean.
And then about 9 Italians came up to us girls and started chatting with us. Well they tried to.
Their English was very broken.
Didn't really know how to say much of anything more than "hello"
Besides maybe "you eyes shine with the light from the sun" that is not a lie. One of them really said that to one of the girls.
Direct Lizzie quote.
We did find out they were from Naples.
And one of them went by the name of Luigi.
That's not a joke.
Then we found our friends.
They had made it to the beach and we were all THRILLED.
Unfortunately, one of them had been robbed so that sucked.
We stayed for about 3 hours and then we had to make our escape.
Luckily for us, the ride home was a breeze.
Except for the part when we thought the train was closing up shop for the night because we were sitting at one of the stops for roughly 30 minutes with the lights off and everyone on the train had gotten off.
It's a possibility that the Italians were only running the train to the stop we wanted because there were 13 American's still sitting there chatting to each other. In hindsight, I realize we probably looked insane.  Just chatting with each other in the dark. On a stopped train. With no one else on board.
When we finally reached our stop we rushed to the metro and crossed paths with the smallest human I have ever laid eyes on.
He was so tiny and I was so scared.
Plus he had a skateboard.
And when he talked he sounded like a chipmunk.
Kasee and I looked at each other and took off running cause we thought for sure he was a demon that was going to catch up with us on his skateboard.
It was so scary.
But, we made it home safely and all was well.
'Twas a fabulous last day in Roma.