Friday, May 16, 2014


I got to take some senior pictures this last week.
We ventured into Downtown Salt Lake and searched for some radical, tubular, awesome graffiti to serve as our backdrop.
Luckily, we hit a serious GOLDMINE. 
The lighting was honestly perfect and that graffiti certainly served it's purpose. 
Did not distract from her face at all. 
It was so fun and the camera was lovin' this cute girl. 
This is a sneak peek of just a FEW of my favorites, because honestly they're all perfect and beautiful. 
I don't think this girl can take a bad picture. She is probably the MOST photogenic person I have ever seen, aside from her beautiful sister of course (who trusts me with her wedding photos later this month).

Monday, May 5, 2014

Louie, I think this is the start of a BEAUTIFUL friendship.

You should all know that I am normally not a fan of the heat. 
I'm actually really not into it at all. 
But after that terrible winter, I am learning to familiarize myself with the splendors the heat has to offer.
(Winter is usually one of my most favorite times of year, but I almost died on the freeway after a freakishly intense snowstorm so now I'm like "HEY MAN! Cool it with the snow" ya know?).
And because I'm opening my mind and my heart to this whole summer thing, I've already gone on a few little adventures and I have loved them all. 
S'like... acoustic concerts, taking photos, skipping down center street, and pie shakes with muh main girls. 
They all sound kiiiind of not that adventurous or exciting but I'm really into it lately. 
My next stop? Night hike to the "Y" 
Wanna join? Please do.
I am DETERMINED to be BFF's with this summer season.