Friday, October 17, 2014

If you MUST know

I've just been doing so many things lately:
  • Park city is just as quaint and charming as it always is. 

  • Getting my hair done is the best
    The salon I go to seriously pampers me. I love them all. Plus it helps that the amazing girlie that does my hair is the BEST. It always turns out better than I expect it to!
  • I love weddings and everything to do with them.
    Love is the best. Still waiting for someone to realize how amazing I am and fall in love with me so I can have grilled cheeses and donuts at my wedding too. 

  • I've already read way too many books for only being in school for like 1.5 months.
    8 to be exact. "East of Eden," "The Sleepwalkers," "The Awakening," "Testament of Youth," "Winesburg Ohio," "Poetry of the First World War," "The Sound and the Fury," and "All Quiet on the Western Front." It's dumb. They're all amazing but... it's dumb.
  • I love having candy dumped on me while "Pour Some Sugar on Me" is being sung by all those surrounding me!

  • Tegan and Sara are amazing in concert and I love them with all my heart and KATY PERRY HONESTLY IS A GODDESS PERFECT ANGEL QUEEN PRINCESS.
    I mean look at these photos I (and others) have captured. 

  • I almost got abducted by homeless people.
    Basically, we got stuck on 5th west in Salt Lake at 1:00 in the morning. That should tell you enough. It's a big story for me and I'm surprised I don't tell it better.
  • Typing on a typewriter is soothing.
    I especially love it when I'm listening to some Ella on my record player and my little kitty is sitting nearby (P.S. I had just finished a note-y note so no paper in the typewriter... that's embarrassing).

  • On that same note: The best sound in the world is the scratch of needle meeting vinyl before a song starts. Try it some time. You will, no doubt, agree.
  • My only friend is music, lately.
    Some stellar people have given me great suggestions as to what to listen to, so keep them coming because I have literally LOVED all of them thus far. 
  • This semester has literally just been marathons of reading and taking notes with an occasional bowl of ice cream thrown in here & there to keep me sane. I spend all of my time at UVU now. It's amazing.

  • My BFF turned 21 this last weekend and I love her with all my heart.
    To celebrate, we went to a pub in SLC and ordered some traditional pub food (except she didn't) which consisted of Fish n Chips and Bangers and Mash. Both were FAB so check out Piper Down if you're over 21 and are in the Salt Lake area. It's delicious. (Birthday Girl in second photo). 

  • I'm starting to get a complex because there are literally 3 people who ever talk to me: the two people in the above photos and mama Kerri. That's upsetting. I'm starting to think I stole the title of Undesirable No. 1 right out from under Mr. Harry Potter.
Well there you have it, folks.
That's my life.