Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Film By Kirk.

Gilmore Girls is definitely one of my all time favorite shows. This is because things like this happen...

Kirk is the best guy in the world. If you haven't seen this particular episode, you should definitely consider watching it. Watch the entire series while you're at it. It's the best.

Monday, May 14, 2012

dream of californication

Dream of Californication. This song will always and forever remind me on one incidence that occurred while I was living the Riv. I came home from doing something and as I walked through the small courtyard type thing between the buildings I happened upon a scene I shan't ever forget. A small group of BYU-ers playing croquet with this song blasting from one of the open apartment doors. I tried to refrain from laughing and quietly walked into my apartment, closed the door, and immediately bursted out in semi-quiet laughter. I have never seen something like this happen. Red Hot Chili Peppers and croquet usually don't mix. All I think of is young preppy men wearing polo shirts with cardigans tied around their necks paired with slacks and nice leather loafers. This was the complete opposite of what was before me. The friendly college students were wearing sweats and tennis shoes. Dang. This was good.

But guys, after that very fond memory leaves a whole new memory comes forward. Driving to good 'ole California. And guess where I'm going in precisely 1 week? How excited can one girl get?

This wonderful song will start off the road trip. Such an oldie but goodie. Ok not so old just reminds me of the O.C. But what I really love about it is that when this song plays on my nice little iPod, I think about how weird it is that my mom grew up in Cali.for.nia. She grew up around all sorts of famous people. What the weird? She could have been famous herself. Now she lives in lame Utah of all places. But then I think about all the nutso stories she always tells us. It doesn't matter which famous person we bring up in a conversation she has some sort of "When I met them...." story and that's kind of annoying and makes me jealous mostly. Tangent. Apologies.  This one obviously will be part of the trip. We listen to it at least six times in a row. And hello look at that man that just disrobes on the beach. I super hope that happens when I go to the beach here soon enough, that would make my whole entire life better. This one, is a gem. And we listen to it about seven times too. But then we move on to bigger and better things. Obviously this is one of the best music videos I have ever seen. Graphics are out of this world.. This song will inevitably force me to make a complete fool out of myself by singing louder than is acceptable (even around family) and dance like a complete lunatic.

So here's to road trips and the craziness that exposes itself when you drive for long periods of time. Hazah! and Hoorah! and Holla! I love road trips.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goin' for it

Let me start this by telling you guys a story... (the names of establishments and humans will remain secret for fear of being totally embarrassed).

There was once this establishment that I went to one day and ordered a little bit of yummy food including a presumably delicious peanut butter cookie. Now usually, I wouldn't even give any other peanut butter cookies - other than my own delicious homemade ones - a chance because they're usually too fake tasting, but I figured "hey, I can't judge this cookie. It may be the most delicious thing I eat." So I was brave. I ordered the cookie.

The food I ordered was fantastic. So good. And I mean GOOD. You guys should go to this place (if you knew the name.. but i'm not telling you. Suckas). I could only imagine what this peanut butter cookie was going to taste like. There was a good chance that it would be simply fabulous, if I were to base it off of my entree, and I was.

The long awaited moment was here. Finally. I picked up the cookie, looked at it a little, and ate some of it. It was one of the most disgusting cookies I had ever eaten. So gross. And don't you worry friends, I let the pretty good-looking manager know it. Well ok... all I said was "Ew. This cookie is gross," to my family and my mama went up to the good-looking manager and said "Sir. This cookie sucks." He proceeded to give us a free cookie of a different flavor. He then came to our table and initiated a convo.

All I wanted him to say was "Hey, let's go on a date." I would have said yes. I would have gone on a date with a complete stranger because he was so handsome. And he had that nice scruff. Mmmhmm.. good. Annnnywayyy... he came to the table and asked us "what peanut butter cookie have you eaten that's better than this?" Oh see, now that was just a step too far. Obviously. I'm a girl. I'm judging your cookies. You can logically conclude that I make cookies that are far better than these nasty round-shaped somethings that you like to call cookies. I told him this and expected this to be the end of the conversation. I expected him to go back to his managerial duties. Nope. Didn't happen. He stayed. Flirted. Stayed handsome. Told me to bring some cookies.

About died, you guys. I about died. But I made the cookies, took them to his work and did something that I would never even do. I gave the dang boy my number. Yeah so forward. I have never done anything this forward in my whole entire life. So now... I wait. If I get rejected. Boo. But, at least I will sleep well knowing that my cookies are better.