Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Living the life. Loving the life.

My life as of late:
I wear cozy sweaters
I'm really digging the cool fall weather. I can finally pull out the cozy sweaters. 
I have WAY too many cozy sweaters, and I'm over it.

Here's one of them:

I drink warm beverages
Fall means nice Pumpkin flavored goodies. Mainly the spiced pumpkin latte.
"I'd like a tall Spiced Pumpkin Latte, hold the coffee please" I'm so metropolitan.

I work. A lot.
My life is hectic-er than yours. At work last week, I had to read oh about.... 6 MILLION SALES
In the words of Hailey: "At least I didn't get ANY homework done."
*In case you can't tell... that's about 100 papers. Not an exaggeration. All of the sales we had... in ONE day. 

I go to shows and get fake drunk
My best guy Roger plays his guitar while singing angelic tunes at the mocktail lounge known as Spark on Thurdays occasionally.
So I go.. with friends who get too excited about the fake drinks.
Roger is still pretty incredible though.

I buy autobiographies
Recently I've been really into Jazz.
Specifically Billie Holiday. She is woman.
So.. I got on the internet and decided to research her.
And I found that she wrote an autobiography so I got on Amazon and bought the book.
Rash decision? Maybe. Awesome decision? Yes.

I go to mustache parties
My only single sister left, Megan Robertson, had a birthday.
She celebrated the best way she knew how. Mustaches.
I went to the party after being yelled at by her little brother and then enjoyed every second of my time there.
People danced like maniacs while I watched from the sidelines (actually from a tie-dye chair that sinks so low that incidentally you are sitting on the ground).
Quite the night.

I love cats.
Like I've said. Recently I've been really into cats. This picture says it all. 
My cat is the stupidest creature. But also the snuggliest. She's so fat, it's unreal. 
Just.... MEOW

I make snap decisions. I'm spontaneous.
My friend, Ashlee, and I decided to make the spontaneous decision to go down south this last weekend.
She was going to see a friend while I was going just for the ride, basically. 
When her plans didn't work out, we turned it into a "Girls Only Trip" 
It was great. We took some awesome drives and went to some mad parties
"Where the drinks at?!" actually we didn't go to mad parties but we did find kitties that we wanted to bring home. Too bad her mom wouldn't let her. 

I'm convinced I lead the most incredible life. It's unreal.

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