Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life As A College Graduate

I'm not going to do the thing that everyone does.
I'm not going to give you a list of things that is different in my life since I graduated college.
I'm not going to do that for a couple of reasons, but mostly because nothing is different.
It just feels like it's the end of spring semester and somehow I made it through my finals again, not knowing how or when or why I decided to take such challenging classes.
The only real difference was putting on a fancy cap and gown with a nice little addition of white fringe and a cute little satin-y green stole around my neck.
And instead of leaving UVU on my last day ready to enjoy the summer just like every other year, I sat through a boring ceremony celebrating all of my "academic achievements," or so they called them, where wonderful awards were given out to people that I have never before seen - which honestly had me questioning if I should even be graduating.
Then there were amazing people giving phenomenal speeches and reciting unbelievable poems with incredibly insightful themes and alarmingly large words that I had to really think about to understand (like that last sentence).
It was quite the afternoon activity and by the end of it all I could think about was not that I had finished something that I had dedicated the last four years of my life to, but how unthinkably STARVING I was.

See me? I'm the one with the hair. 

But, I had this realization a few days prior to the whole ordeal: I am going to be a college graduate in two days, I will be 22 in one month, and I will be attending a One Direction concert where I will undoubtedly be screaming louder than the thousands of 13 year-olds around me. That is not to say that I am ashamed of the choice I have made to attend, but thats a little shaming, right? Yeahhh... you're right. It's not. I don't know why I even thought about that to begin with.
And so I'm not going to sit here and go on and on about all the things in my life that have changed because, like I said, nothing has.
HOWEVER... the lives of those around me have and I started to let that get me down. Like, guys, people are having babies and getting married. Let me tell you what... my BFF Kasee is getting married in a month and that is weird for me.
And then, I was talking to my family about how weird I felt about all these people around me being happy in their full-time jobs with benefits, and the marriage thing, and the baby thing, and the general moving on with life thing, and how great and "fun" they all think it is. And my brother-in-law says: "See, marriage is great. And having a baby is very rewarding. But I always thought that single life was 'fun'. It's freedom." And I was like "WHOA"
I'm pretty sure that the single life is the best life. Knowing that I am living a life untethered by school, a significant other, or another HUMAN LIFE is just so nice and relaxing and liberating. That is not to say that married/motherhood life isn't great because I'm sure it is. I just don't know it. It's so foreign to me.
Being single presents me with so many opportunities, guys.
I get to spend all the money I want - like $200 on shoes more than once a month.... don't judge what you do not understand
I get to go to Vegas and experience the world of clubbing and alcohol - Let me tell you what, I know the world. I am a cultured woman (don't worry I didn't drink).
I get to go to one million concerts alone or with whomever I dang well please
I get to stay up as late as I want OR go to bed as early as I want
I get to go on spontaneous road trips and sing until my throat hurts and laugh until my tummy aches
I get to do all of the best things that I love
I get to travel the world and go to museums and hang out with my cat and my mom and all the other "pathetic" things. ITS WHATEVS.
I won't lie to you, I am going to miss UVU so so so much. I love it there and it's going to be the strangest transition not going back to school in the fall... but I love not having to deal with a paper hanging over my head ever again. And I love being able to sleep in. And I love doing all the things that I love doing.
Hey. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I'm a college graduate.

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