Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yooouurrr Teeaaammm

I have recently discovered that "Your Team" is best played in heavily populated areas. Areas such as Walmart Supercenters and college campuses. I have captured these shots of the charming characters that inhabit such places in Utah Valley.

 I will model my fashions after this one forever.

I must say, I want this guy on my team. He seems like a geniune guy. Complete with floods, loafers, and an over-the-shoulder bag. And no, those are not socks. Just his pasty white skin.

 Rebel without a cause. And unnatural flaming red hair. I'd say he's an excellent addition to your team. He could perhaps scare and/or intimidate competing teams members with that all black outfit - complete with a leather jacket completely covered in zippers. Not to mention those sunglasses.. don't get me started on those sunglasses!

Let the games begin,

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