Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Finals...

Being my first semester of real life college... I expected finals to be a hard time. A week of stressing, studying, all-nighters, so on and so forth - a never ending list describing the horrific time finals would bring me.

Fortunately for me, I only had 2. Yes, 2.
Art History
That is all.
(Would have been 3, but my English final was cancelled! Yipeee)

Math, of course, being possibly my least favorite subject and the bane of my existence was somewhat of a stressor for me... Although, it never turned into the classic freak out you hear about: crying, pulling your hair out, etc etc. basically becoming an emotional wreck. I mostly just studied until I got bored (which happened to be a short 5 minutes into studying) and went on to do "better" things with my day. Apparently this studying tactic worked pretty well because I scored relatively high on the final! Yahoo!

Art History was nothing more than memorizing a few names and dates and I was golden.

I sincerely hope that next semester brings me the same luck... but seeing as beginners luck doesn't come to those who are no longer beginners, I don't think I'll be so fortunate. Sigh.

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