Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogging woes and those who read them...

Let me start this blog post with a few simple questions:
1. Who invented blogging? Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy writing interesting factoids about my life for others to read, and more than that, I enjoy reading about others lives. But for real, it is probably the most distracting activity in the world. "OH! I found a lucky penny today! I. MUST. BLOG. ABOUT. THIS." "I got an A on my paper! Check! Going on the blog!" and my least and also my most favorite "My life sucks. I have no friends, I failed my finals, everybody hates me. Blog, you will be getting endless amounts of posts about how much my life sucks worse than the next person." So... if any of you have any information on the matter, I would love to know the culprit behind it. Thanks.

2. Why must all bloggers (alright let's be reasonable, not ALL, but indeed a fair few) put on the "woe is me" bit?  It's like, 
Dear detrimental bloggers - you know who you are - lets put an end to this, mostly because we all think our lives suck, at some point. We don't want to read yours. It puts a serious damper on our day. Sincerely, readers of your mundane and very very depressing blog. 

3. Why am I so worried about blogs and those who write on them? Because I blog. Embarrassing.

4. What is the point of talk shows? Like famous people just talk to other famous people about their fabulous lives, wonderful vacations, and super fancy homes, cars, and wardrobes (which is probably what i envy most. The clothing. I'm addicted). Which just makes people feel worse about themselves. Thus, triggering more of the despicable blogs. A vicious vicious circle.

Now lets, veer off the topic of blogging. Because I. Am. Over it. And "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d#$&" (name the movie and my respect for you will increase immensely). 

Today, my lovelies, has been quite a lazy hazy day of winter, rather than summer. Which I am almost wishing was the latter - summer that is. Now normally, I favor winter over summer. Any day of the week, I would choose winter. However, lately this weather is putting a real downer on my life. JUST SNOW. Anyhow, back to my day because I have resorted to the weather. How boring.

So today... I slept in. Something I haven't had the luxury of doing in quite some time. Wonderous. It was the most fabulous thing in the world. I then, around 7 short hours later, partook of my mom's fabulous homemade tacos. Homemade tortilla's, salsa, and guacomole. So delish. All in all, it has been a most delightful day. Yahoo for that. Let us all have wonderful days for the rest of eternity. And that we may never have the unfortunate experience of writing our woes on the internet. 

Peace and Blessings!

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