Friday, December 30, 2011

collage sounds a lot like college.

Indeed this may seem totally strange to most people, but I am SOO looking forward to school starting again. Whether it's because I'll be working less, I'll be moved out of the house, or my cutest cousin will FINALLY be back from Russia, I don't know. But I am excited nevertheless. I may have gotten a little overly thrilled and signed myself up for not 12, not even 15, but 18 credits. I may or may not have bit off more than I can chew. But, I mean, HELLO! It's college, you're supposed to be in over your head. You're supposed to experiment (at least I'm not doing sketchy things). You're supposed to take a million classes to see what you really love. And so, I'm taking six. 

Painting 1
Biology Lab
Math 1050 

Perhaps I should drop a class. I'm a little on the fence about it. I don't have to take Painting 1, sure. But how fun? I will admit, I'm a little bit of a copycat. My sister majored in Art and so now, I want to do it! If my sister loves it, I might! However, I probably won't have the wonderful talent that she has. 

I mean really, who paints this well? My sister, that's who.

Shakespeare is definitely a class that I am willingly throwing myself into. Whether or not it will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing, I am unsure. But... from reading two plays my senior year in high school, I was absolutely in love. Shakespeare... WHAT A GUY! As a side note: I absolutely, positively, and completely refuse to see the movie "Anonymous". Yeah right. I will never watch a movie disrespecting my most favorite writer, claiming Mr. Bill Shakespeare stole the stories? Pssshhhhh! Joke. So because I love him, I'm leaning more towards staying in that class.. thoughts?

I have indeed risked my pride in showing this photo. But look how much I love him!

Leadership. Well one day I'll be the Prez of this united nation, so that class can only help right? (Now I know the words "WHY?" and "HOW?" are flying out of all of your mouths right now, after reading that last sentence. But don't fret. I am not planning on EVER being the President of the United States. Yeah right. What a joke.) 

Anyhow... last night, while writing my latest post I decided that "hey, maybe I should look at the cost of my textbooks before I start these classes. Perhaps, they will be too expensive and my decision will be made." So... I looked on the trusty UVU website where it tells you what course materials you will  be needing for your classes. And let me tell you..... I was shocked.

Leadership was surprisingly fabulous. 2 books required. 1 being a mere $.99 and the other only $15 which I don't need to buy, because I'm fairly certain my sister has it. Unless she got rid of it. Which is likely.

Shakespeare didn't have any materials needed. Holla Dueces! Plus I already have his complete works. So that's good.

Math didn't have any. PTL cause I hate math.

Painting was the same as math. Except I have a feeling I will be needing to go to the local art store and pay a trillion dollars on paint supplies once the class starts.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Biology. I'm thinking this class may turn into my new "never going to that class" class. This class requires around 7 billion books all priced in the neighborhood of roughly 6 trillion dollars each. YEAH RIGHT!! Except.... I am required to take this class if I ever want to go to Med School. Gay wads.

So... I think my decision has been made. I will stay in my classes. All of them. For right now at least. We'll see what the semester brings.

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