Wednesday, January 25, 2012

college misconceptions

As I sit here contemplating this blog post and what I should say to sound witty and smart, I can't help but think of the million other things I should be doing right now. I should probably be doing my biology homework, I should probably be eating breakfast, I should probably catch up on my beauty sleep - that is to say, I should be sleeping still. I should probably be doing a lot of things, but here I sit. Blogging. Oh the downfalls of being a lowly college student.

Side note: Has anyone ever noticed that movies always portray college to be a constant party? Parties every weekend, staying up the whole night long. Not to mention, it always seems that finding a significant other puts more stress on the student than midterms or finals. 
*I would just like to put my two cents in and say... "YEAH RIGHT!!!"*

Definitely not how college really is. Well, for me at least. Going to school in "Happy Valley" might be a contributing factor to the differences between the college life I am experiencing and the college life we see on the big screen. But hey, wouldn't that make a good movie. No wild parties, going to bed at a reasonable hour, students stressing about upcoming tests and homework.... in the words of a one Rory Gilmore "Hello Hollywood? Boy, have I got a pitch for you!" Oh I think they'd eat that up on the West Coast. 

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