Thursday, January 19, 2012

awkward meetings, terrific eatings

let me paint a picture for you folks.. 

rainy gloomy day (happy - in my opinion, i love rainy days)
cold cold cold cold outside
best and coziest sweater combo
freshly squeezed orange juice
brown sugar oatmeal with fresh banana slices on top
faint aroma of coffee
surrounded by books and books. 

this, my friends, is my life right now. 
i thought this day would be full of misery and woe...
simply because i had to wake up at the freaking crack of dawn to get to class at 7 in the a.m. but my day, fortunately has taken a turn for the best.

i arrived to my class 5 minutes late. i. am. a. slacker. sorry guys i know you thought more of me. anyhow... i got to class (biology lab) and suddenly my teacher starts discussing the importance of measuring correctly and the definition of molarity. all of which i understood because i made the fantastic choice to take chemistry senior year in high school (seriously take that class if you want to have any hope of getting a good grade in biology 1610.. i'm not even kidding you). but then he starts in on something i have never even heard.... using huge words like he was the dictionary or something. i was like "whoa man, calm it down. dumb it down. and sit it down. so i can go to sleep." he didn't do any of these things. instead he told us to get started on the lab. 

Ok... i'm going to paint you another picture, and i know all of you have experienced this at least once in your life... if you haven't, consider yourself very lucky. 

new class
new people - meaning you don't know ANYONE
assignment: "work together as a group"
look to your left, look to your right.... yep still don't know a single person here... looks like i'm flying solo dolo on this one.
young boy/girl looks straight into your soul and says: "hey you wanna be in my group??" you think you've hit the jackpot... cause they're probably really smart because they asked you to be in their group instead of working solo dolo like you. yep... they're the most unintelligent person in the classroom (aside from you, of course) and the lab takes you a least 17 million minutes to finish. 

so... that's what happened to me today, in a matter of speaking. i sat at my desk very awkwardly until the boy sitting next to me said.. "hey you wanna be in our group?" with a pretty intelligent looking fellow sitting next to him. turns out this "pretty intelligent looking fellow" not so intelligent. i mean, i guess he knew what he was doing, but he kept saying "but i don't know. lets ask the instructor." GEEEEEEESSSSSSSS guy. let's get this assignment done so i can leave.

well.... it worked out. we did totally awesome on the lab and our teacher nick-named our small group of three "the turbo racers" awesome. we finished first, i was out of there an hour early and i am now eating the most wonderful oatmeal. 

life. is. good.

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