Saturday, April 14, 2012

I mustache you a question

Dear blogger friends:
I feel that I MUST ASK YOU A QUESTION (or "I mustache you a question" if you want to be indie). And so the question I pose:

Have you ever had a day that you feel should be going miserably, but somehow ends up being one of the greatest days of your existence?

I have recently experienced one of these infamous days. Let me tell you the things that I thought would contribute to this awful day.

1. Shakespeare play. Meaning I had to act out a scene from one. At 8 in the morning. I didn't know my lines.

2. UV mentor application process. 4 hours of interviewing with different higher-ups within the program. Not only SOOO nervewracking but SOOOO long.

3. Friday the 13th. Enough said.

But friends, something incredible happened. The scene from the play where I was to play a male role (Claudio, from "Much Ado About Nothing"), turned out to be somewhat fun. "I must not tell lies," (name the movie) it was a failure. Total and complete, utter failure. None of my cute group members knew their lines, myself included, and we were all stressing out BIG TIME. But, guys, at the last moment, I had a revelation. "Change the scene," the little voice in my head said, "you're allowed to do that." I calmly approached my professor and said to him...  "We're changing the scene. Instead of being in a garden, we are going to be in a library... for we are a very educated group of men." Let me tell you what, he ate that up. LOVED the idea, even. It turned out fabulously and the other students in the group thoroughly enjoyed us looking like complete fools. Awesome.

The UV mentor application process... so fun. I made some acquaintances pretty quickly. Let's just say my group was probably the best of the bunch. So fun. Didn't even seem like it was that long.

Friday the 13th... Misconception, my friends. Very big misconception. Bad things happen everyday. This particular Friday, I went to lunch with my cute friends Tiffany, Rhett, Dan, and Roger, talked about some pretty strange stuff (lets just say that our discussion ranged from eating other patron's left over food - which is TOTALLY disgusting by the way - to finding love), and played the game "corners" in the car. I, unfortunately was between two not-so-small guys and was squished into a pancake each time they pushed me into the other person. What was worse was when they thought it a good idea to play the game when we weren't turning a corner... meaning they both pushed me into each other. My poor back felt like it was being smashed into a million peices. Meanwhile Roger and Tiffany, unphased by the extraordinary pain I was in and completely content with all the tremendous amounts of room they had, were dedicating various songs to me and singing their little hearts out. Obviously this whole game of corners has left its mark on me. But still, it was a good time. Man do I love these guys. Friday the 13th was a GREAT day. 

So friends, if you feel like you're going to have a bad day, turn it into a GREAT day instead. It's more fun that way anyway.. 

I mustache you a question. Baha.

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