Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I could be mistaken for an adult

today is the day that i became an adult. to be completely honest, it's probably not that big of a deal.... but it's basically the end of my life as i know it. that part might even be true. life before today was full of experimentation. experimentation in the sense that i was doing things simply because i wanted to do them. there wasn't any significant end point in sight. there really wasn't anything or anyone that i really wanted to become. in simple terms, there was absolutely no point in anything that i was doing with my life.

but today. today was different. well, realistically, the last few weeks have been different. keep this noted. remember this day and remember this next sentence.
I declared my major, I will become a literary genius

it was such a strange feeling for me to walk into the advisors office knowing that in a few short minutes i would be walking out knowing what i will be doing for a career and knowing exactly what i'm going to school for. why this freaks me out so much is a complete mystery to me. so if you're wondering why i'm so stressed about declaring a major when i can change it any time that i want, you're not alone. i'm wondering the exact same thing. 

so stay tuned, folks. because i might decide to change my mind. except for the fact that i most likely won't. because i love english and i love literature.

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