Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's the best time of year

I am 100% convinced that Fall is the best season of the year.
Spring can try to compete with it's chilly air and nice breezes...
But does spring have cozy cozy clothes and awesome hot beverages?
Is it acceptable to still be wearing scarves and loving the fact that it's below 50 degrees in the Spring?
Don't even think about doing that stuff.
The Summer lovers will find you and convince you that you should get out those old shorts.
The Summer lovers will convince you that it's warm enough to wear tank tops again.
Trust me, it's not.

Anyway.. Fall. It's the best. I love it almost all the time.
The only time I don't love it so much is when I get a terrible cold that never seems to go away.
The cold that makes you feel like you're on your deathbed. Say goodbye to your loved ones.
Make sure they know that you love them... cause you'll be crossing over in no time at all.

As I was complaining about the current predicament I'm in - this horrendous cold - my roommate brought something to my attention.
She said: "I'm kind of jealous of you. Fall is the best time to have a cold."
When I looked at her like she was a maniac, she continued on with her explanation. "You get to wear cuddly clothes, and drink hot drinks, and just be cozy and no one can judge you."
Well put Alexa, well put.

So now I think I'm a little in love with my fatal cold.
It has allowed me to make my transition to fall beautifully.

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