Saturday, June 15, 2013

Walls, Ripper, Bathing, & Salisbury Steaks

Ok here's the recent news:
I saw about 3 billion pieces of an ancient wall.
I learned that Ripperologists exist.
I went to Bath and saw where ancient Roman's bathed.
I went to Salisbury (didn't eat steak) but saw some  more ancient stuff.

I'll elaborate for you

One of the professors that came along with us (Nate) took us around the city to see an ancient Roman wall.
I'm not entirely sure what the whole story is, but I'll try.
Apparently it was built by the Romans in the second century.
There were feuding emperors and one built it to protect his kingdom, but he was overthrown anyway.
Poor guy. Can't help but feel bad for him.
Somehow they have lasted since then, and were only rediscovered after WWII bombings.
I honestly didn't know anything about it before I went on this excursion but I'm glad I tagged along.
Because it's beautiful

Had to throw one of myself in too! Sorry I'm not sorry. Except my shirt looks weird.

Later that night a few of the girls and I went on a "Jack the Ripper" tour.
We met this guy that hated Mormons so that made things rather awkward.. But I quickly got over it.
Our tour guide was so animated and fun and I probably would have been scared if the tour were at night.
But luckily for me, it started at 7:30 and ended around 9:15. The sun doesn't set until like seriously 2:00 A.M. here.
So I was just fine.
She told us about all of his victims and took us to all the sites that they were found.
The tour was very informative and I discovered that people who study "Jack the Ripper" are called Ripperologists.
I think I know what I want to do with my life. Ripperology.
I don't have any photos of that tour, unfortunately.
But I do have one of an awesome wall we found after we left. That's it.

The next day we woke up at like the crack of dawn (really it was 10:30) to head to Bath.
This is where ancient Romans built some baths.
Weird, I know.
But this city is probably the most enchanting city I've ever been to.
The Roman Baths were cool but the water was disgusting as it's been there for quite some time.
There was a fountain at the end of the tour with some water from the natural hot spring...
You better believe I drank it and promptly started gagging.
It was disgusting and warm.
But I'm pretty sure it's the Fountain of Youth and so now I'm going to be young forever.
I took 1 million pictures,
I'll just show you a few though.

This guy was supposed to be like a Roman. Ew. They bathed in that green stuff behind us.

A few hours later, we got back on the bus and headed down to Salisbury. 
No, I didn't ask if this is where Salisbury steaks come from. 
Deal with it.
We stayed in a super sketchy hostel and told scary stories. 
Needless to say, I was terrified. 
As we were getting ready for bed, a man, probably in his seventies, walked in wearing only a speedo.
He had the nastiest mole on his thigh that I wish I had never seen. 
I seriously am scarred for life. EW.
That night I tried fish 'n chips for the first time...
And drumroll please.........
Anyway, this morning we ventured down to the Salisbury Cathedral and it was so lovely. So so lovely.

These are the original doors. This cathedral was built in the 1200's. Nutso, right?

Later we took a trip to Old Sarum. 
Old Sarum is an old Anglo-Saxon castle. 
It was so fun there, but so windy. 
Seriously though, I ran around like an idiot for an hour and a half and just had the time of my life. 
I loved it.
It's up on a hill and the scenery was unreal. 
Makes me so grateful for the world we live in. 
But also made me feel like I was placed right into a movie. 
Check it.

But here's what I loved the most:
It's so pretty. SOO much windier than Old Sarum.
But also so much prettier than Old Sarum.
Here you go. Enjoy

Anyhow, that's the recent stuff.
Now you're all up to date on my life.
Love you, my lovelies!


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