Thursday, June 13, 2013

Accept my apology

I apologize for the lack of my posts. I suck. I'm sorry.
Let's start a-fresh.


SOOO much stuff, you guys!
Start from the beginning.
This was the first day of classes and I couldn't even believe what happened to me.
I woke up BEFORE my alarm.
Those of you who know me, know that this is a rare occurrence.
Holy cow.
Ok so here's the deal. I'm taking Shakespeare and Myths & Legends.
I know, I know. My life is way better than yours. I'm taking the coolest classes.
We started reading "A Midsummer Night's Dream" just the first two acts.
If you haven't read that play you need to. It's so good. And hilarious.
We talked about Anglo-Saxons in my Myths class and here's a question: did you guys know how angry these peeps were? Cause they were. Always. Always. They hated people. Much like me. I think I'm Anglo-Saxon.
Shortly after my classes my cute friend and I went to the cutest little cafe, where I had the nicest sandwich.
Then we headed over to the V&A museum.
This museum is effing massive and was virtually impossible to see all of it in the allotted time.
But it had a whole section dedicated to Raphael. I thought of you, Melissa Findeis, if you're reading.
Anyway, that was fun but I'm saving the best for last.
We came home for like two minutes and then went to our first play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
We got on the tube at South Kenzington and got off at Mansion House.
I'm turning European on you guys, I know how to use the Tube. I know the stops and everything. 
I'm going to warn you guys. I had absolutely no idea where we were or if I would even see anything that was rad at all.
I mean it's all cool. It's London
Ok.. So we walked for a while and then turned left down this little street that I assumed was a bridge as we had to cross the Thames.
I know... The Thames. I about died too. 
Anyyyyywayyyy... I turn the corner, and there it is.
The Millennium bridge. In all it's glory.
If you don't know what bridge this is, look it up.
You will most definitely recognize it from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (That's the sixth one)
It's at the beginning of the movie and the death eaters tear it down and it falls into the river.
Don't worry this didn't happen to me, but I think if it did, and I did die this way... It would be a wonderful way to go.
We made it safely across and headed to GLOBE THEATER I know... I was freaking out too.
It's the theater that Shakespeare held his plays in.. I don't think it's the original but it's pretty either way.
That was the end of that night.. I stood for about 4 hours without being able to sit for a single second. Don't ever try it. But it's worth it at the Globe. Cause well, it's the Globe.
And the play was incredible. SOO funny.


Ok.. Classes first. 
And I regret to say that I'm getting into a bad routine. Waking up ten minutes before we have to be in the classroom. 
Good thing it's only like 2 seconds away, as it's in my same building. 
But like... the peeps here must not like the idea of lifts/elevators/escalators. 
They are NOWHERE. 
I'm starting to understand why people are so thin and good looking here. 
Speaking of that, I sat by the most attractive human on the tube. I'll get to that though.
Ok. So this is the day of all days.
Hunker down.
This post is worth it I promise. I have photos.
So after classes we decided to go on a little walking tour of London.
It was so long, but so worth it.
Here's what we did:

  1. Hyde Park. I was desperately searching for my main squeeze Jude Law or like Tom Hardy but they were nowhere. Sad. Anyway, I seriously have never been anywhere so beautiful. It's SOO green and just perfect. There's the cutest pond with swans and a bridge and it's just a scene straight from a movie (I mean most of London is, but whatves). While we were walking through I noticed the name of the trail we were walking on was the "Princess of Wales Trail" or something like that. Which is awesome. Because Princess Di was just so wonderful. 
  2. Buckingham. I seriously almost cried when I saw this. It is so beautiful. I know that I have said that about like everything but seriously you guys. The gate was the most intricate thing I have ever seen. Gold intricacies and I couldn't take it all. I couldn't. From here, I could see the top of Big Ben but I told myself that I was wrong and that I hadn't seen it yet. "Must be something else" I said to myself. I was sincerely hoping I would be casually glancing up at one of the windows and see little Queenie looking through the drapes and just wave to her like it ain't no big thang. And we would be besties from there on. Nope. I would have even been ok with seeing Prince Harry. No such luck. 
  3. Piccadilly Circus. So cool. The only thing I can even compare it to would be like... Times Square in New York. If you haven't been there, then, well.. I don't know what to tell you. Watch the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's where they go after the attack at the wedding. You'll notice it. It's pretty radical. 
  4. Trafalgar Square. This place is pretty awesome too. Giant lion statues. Meow. I climbed on the statue because like YOLO (you're only London once?) YOILO? Whatever. I'm only in London once. I hope that's not true though. Ok so... We took some good pictures and then my student advisor, Jena, came up to me and said: "Sam, I'm filming your reaction to this. Look over there." and pointed down one of the streets. I seriously screamed out loud, and then realized how loud I was being and quickly covered my mouth. BIG BEN. In all his glory. Seriously. So breathtaking (I know I haven't said that one yet) I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up a little. I then proceeded to take a photo like an Asian tourist. You know, squatting awkwardly? Yeah, then one of those blasted double-decker buses got in the way. So I had to wait impatiently for it to move. 
  5. Big Ben. Up close and Personal. (don't make dirty jokes in your head. Already know you're going to). The only thing I'll say is that you guys need to come here for yourselves. You'll have a come-apart.
Oh yeah that guy on the tube? I seriously have never seen a more attractive man since I've been here. I got on the train and immediately saw him. He was that good-looking. As I stood in the crowded car I thought to myself "I already know there's no way I'm going to be able to get anywhere near him, but a girl can hope." But my oh my lady luck was on my side. At the next stop the woman next to him got up and left. Let me tell you, I beelined straight for that seat, made it too. Sat next to him for the next 20 minutes or so. He smelled like I would imagine happiness to smell as well. No photo though. I thought it may be a little awkward to take a selfie and include him in it, ya know. I think he may have noticed. Well.. I may have been tagged in one on the book with him in it. Check it.

Anyway.. here's the photos. I'll wait to tell you about today for a different post. Love you, my lovelies. 


Disclaimer: I haven't figured out how to edit these yet so if they look bad blame Canon. I think they look rad and I didn't even have it on the automatic setting. Thanks Brad and Eliesa for teaching me how to use my cam. 

V&A Museum which stands for Victoria & Albert, I believe.

I honestly can't remember. It's a famous guys memorial. But how am I standing like that? Don't judge my shoes. My feet hurt.

Hyde Park


Some chickees in my group. We're still in Hyde Park

Cheesin so hard. Rose Garden in Hyde Park

Don't know what this gate is. But's its pretty huh?

Am I seriously here?


Golden intricacies I was talking about earlier

Right outside Buckingham. Making some wishes with the roomies.

Toss 'em

Piccadilly circus freaks


Oh holy meow. ROOOOAAAR

Right? So cool.

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