Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rome If You Want To.

Listen to this when you read this.
And maybe watch the music video. It's hilarious.
The dance moves are unreal.
The first part of the song is a little scary but get past the first 15 seconds, it's worth it.

Alright let's get down to it.
Let's get to the nitty gritty.
Rome is beautiful and so enchanting.
Except there's this thing called dragging your luggage everywhere that makes Rome a little hard to love.
We had to drag 2 suitcases each through customs, to a bus, to the metro, and to the hotel.
Once we got to our hotel, all sweaty and gross, all was well.
Honestly, I have never been so excited to take a nap.
Except I couldn't even do that because we were headed to the Roman Baths. In Rome.
I'm dying.
I still can't believe I went to Rome.
The Baths were beautiful.
And I had a way good time.
Here's some photos:

After the Baths we headed over to the Circus Maximus.
It was cool and we had a gladiator race.
I mean, I didn't compete but I cheered the competitors on.
We then headed down to this place...

Apparently if you put your hand in the mouth of that first picture, it will bite it off if you're a dishonest person.
We didn't go inside but I am confident that I would have kept all 10 of my fingers. 
I'm honest, guys. I'm honest. 
After this we were all so exhausted that we just headed back to our hotel to eat our free dinner. 
At this point I had been awake for roughly..... 36 hours. 
It was insane and I was so tired. 
But the first day in Rome was considered a success and the next day I would be going to the Vatican. 
Stay tuned. 
Italy has some good posts for you guys.

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