Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hey UT! You're pretty cool!

These past few weeks have been truly unbelievable.
I've experienced so much of my own state and I can't believe I was missing out on it before.
It actually kind of makes me bugged that I've been just wasting away my time doing NOTHING when Utah has SO MUCH TO OFFER.
Moral: Get out and do things, guys. It's worth it.
Here's just a couple things I've been up to lately.
  1. Le Spiral Jettay (which is really just The Spiral Jetty).
    I tell you what... Robert Smithson... that amazing son-of-a-gun. Did he know how to create environmental art or what? I was in awe the entire time I was there. It was magnificent.

  2. Wedding!
    I had the opportunity to photograph the best wedding on earth (see previous post). It was so much fun and the pics turned out WAY better than I thought they would (because I'm honestly not that great). BTW I'm a picture-putter-upper-repeater. I don't care. You won't see anymore until the happy couple does.

  3.  21.
    I mean, whatchu know about that sideways drivers license life? Guys, it's unbelievably bizarre that that license is now horizontal. Plus taking a new, less brace-facey, picture was a definite perk. Except for the fact that the picture turned out almost as tragic as my sad 16th birthday pic was. Oh man.. I left that DMV extremely defeated. Like, "WHAT DID I JUST DO?!" It didn't reeeeaaaallyyy help that Ross' (my extremely infuriating car) AC was fighting with me that fateful day. I was yucky, sweaty, red-faced, and annoyed. DMV workers are mean, and the letter that I received told me to bring 1 million forms of I.D., my credit card, my social security card, a vile of my blood, a phoenix's tail feather, 6 letters of recommendation, a human being who will personally tell them I deserve a license renewal (FaceTime will suffice as well), and one of my cat's hairs. In reality, all I needed was my current license and MAYBE two other things, I think. Honestly, those letters are scary and make you think you're selling your soul to the government, but like it's the easiest thing ever.   
  4. SLC PEPPER. Such a fun mural. Takes me back to my days in London (haha like it was decades ago or something). I bought this very record there (SGT. Peppers) and have listened to it way too many times. I was thrilled to find this mural and of course taking a picture in front of it was a NO BRAINER.

  5. Concerts.
    I have been able to attend a couple concerts this summer and they have been glorious. The first was American Authors, The Script, and One Republic. Although we missed the entire first act, the show was a smashing success. There were, however, a few minor setbacks. Ok one major setback. I threw my back out. Yes, I know. The questions: "HOW?" and "ARE YOU KIDDING?" have got to be running through your heads right now. The answers? "I don't know" and "No. I am most certainly not kidding." This story is my best material right now. So if you run into me around town make sure to ask about it... it will blow your mind.
    The second concert was my best thing. Kiss and Def Leppard. As most of you know Def Leppard is my childhood. I grew up listening to them and I am convinced I am their biggest fan (besides mama Kerri of course). I am always worried when we go to their concert that it will be their last.. but then Joe always calms my troubled heart by saying the best 6 words I will ever hear. "THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME." Those words are music to my ears and starts the saving for the front row seats which will inevitably be hundreds of dollars.

  6. Compliance Invasion.
    SOOOO IN A GOOD WAY, FRIENDS. The inbound ladies have come to the compliance office. It's so fun. They are so cute. I feel like an oldie though cause they are seriously 18 and stoked for life. I'm like "should I tell them growing up is terrible? Should I tell them to savor every precious morsel of living at home and not worrying about paying bills/being an adult?" And I'm only 21, friends! Wow. But seriously, they're so fun. They all better stick around cause my work friends keep leaving me. Except one of them told me I was intimidating today and so now I think I should smile more and be nice to people. But my relationship with humans is so love/hate. How I feel about them changes with every passing moment (except for the ones I like, obviously). 
  7. Clubbing.
    That one was just meant to draw your attention. I don't go clubbing. Mostly because ew, but partly because I am the OLDEST OF MY FRIENDS. It's terrible. So when Kasee turned 21 I was like "ooo ooo let's go to the club! Or the pub! Either one will do." The excitement of sitting at the bar is totally gone since I was able to do that last year at all the pubs in Europe (legal age is 18). But I seriously don't even do that. No drinking the alcohol over here. That's lame. Plus I hear it's nasty even though some of those fruity drinks look yummy. NOPE. Anyway to celebrate miss Kasee's 21 years of life we ventured to the city, pretended it was Paris, and found a pretty little book mural. A security guard claimed "no photos" but I have seen A LOT. So "WHATEVER, GUY!" I took some anyway. He can't take those away from me. Then we went to the best little diner. Blue Plate Diner. If you haven't been, go. They have the BEST burgers and from what I heard, the BLTA is phenomenal and the grilled cheese is a HOMERUN.

That's all for now, folks. I'll keep you posted on the extremely interesting aspects of my life... If anything remotely interesting should happen, seriously, you'll all be the first to know!


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