Friday, January 13, 2012

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News in the life of Sam:
1. I moved out of my mama's house and into an apartment with my cousin.

mmmm yeah... we're babes.
     EH..... yeah. I did. I find it hard to believe myself sometimes. But I promise you this... It's super fun.

2. Second semester of school started. Holla! Here is my course load. (<<< yep, I said course load).
         Math 1050
         Biology 1610
         Biology Lab
         Leadership Mentoring
    oh yes, this semester will be filled with adventure and a lot of stress. So... expect that in the future

    Now, I know you can't tell, but I am currently typing this post on my brand spanking new MacBook
    Pro. Yes. I spent quite a lot of money on a computer. Sure, you could say it's snobby, but I like to say
    that I'm just very particular. Very, very particular. Judge if you must. I know some of you are
    screaming in your head (or perhaps out loud, which i think is a bit over the top) "Why would you
    spend that much money on a laptop when you could get one that's just as good for half the price?!"
    Well let me tell you naysayers why. Because it's a MacBook. That's why.

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