Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not so distantly

I have come to the conclusion that my life isn't quite as fun as I like to make people believe it is. 
Except, whoa, my life is pretty cool. 

1. I have the best job on the planet. Mostly, I get paid to do my homework, and talk to hilarious humans on the phone. Can't get any better than that. Plus! I am just seconds away from the most fantastic ice cream on the planet earth. 

2. I attend the single most wonderful school on the planet. Plus it has one of the most beautiful campuses my eyes have ever beheld.

3. I moved out into the cutest little townhouse in Provo, but sometimes I get scared when I'm there by myself. However, when my roommate, Alexa, is home... we tend to get some weird ideas. Music videos are made, pictures are taken... 

and sometimes we get ideas to go out in public looking like hood rats.. 

but then sometimes we find some really cool awesome stuff. Basically Utah is the prettiest state in the nation. Maybe.

4. I never leave school. So this causes problems in my social life. But sometimes it doesn't. Because I see most of my friends at school on the regs.

5. I seem to take a lot of photos. 

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