Sunday, November 4, 2012

take on me

Halloween is the best holiday (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas).
Just like October is the best month (except for November and December).

But really. Halloween is the best.
My mom makes killer homemade potato soup in delicious pumpkin-shaped bread bowls
We have witches brew (which is just cider with dry ice to make it look spooky).
We go to the pumpkin patch.
We carve the best pumpkins.
We party like it's 1999.

This halloween was especially mad.
My friend from work decided it would be a good idea to dress up as ballers.

And I must say, I agreed with her.
It turns out, we look more like guys then I'd like to admit.

After work was over (hallelujah - I was there for far too long) I had that infamous potato soup.
My cutie friends came over and we decided to go to Insomnia, the UVU dance.
Because we had to come up with a costume in 20 seconds, we settled on being "those girls" who don't wear pants on Halloween
Don't worry we wore shorts, though.
Don't judge us.

At this very dance party... quite a few weird things happened to us.
1.  We were approached by many disgusting boys. "Yeah right, you can't dance with me," I'd say.
2.  We danced like absolute fools and no one really judged us.

And this is how I looked after (SOO PRETTY)

The next day Alexa and I decided to go to 80's night.

That was good.
Like we probably shouldn't have gone because we got maybe like 3 hours of sleep the night before.
And maybe because we like had to wear neck braces.
And probably also because we had school/work early Friday morning and 80's never ends, I swear.
But we went anyway.
And it was a blast. But we danced too hard for 4 hours.
And my body hated me Friday.

Honestly... Friday was supposed to be the chillest day of my life.
But I worked a 9 hour shift at work.. that sucked.
And I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to be dancing all the time.
It's become more natural than like.. breathing.

In case you couldn't tell.. this week was pretty outrageous.
But also pretty wonderful.

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