Sunday, January 27, 2013

Should I be Concerned?

So I don't know about you guys, 
but Ethics and Values isn't really a class that interests me.
Which means that while I'm in class, I usually try to drown out my professor with other stimulating things (i.e. reading much more interesting articles, FB, Insta, etc.)
But this last Thursday was especially difficult. 
This story does require a little bit of a preface. 
My Ethics and Values class includes some pretty weird humans. 
The first day of class this guy with extremely long nails and a GIANT class ring
decided that he would speak up on EVERY subject our professor brought up. 
In case you didn't know long nailed crazy pants, no one cares if you don't have an opinion on anything. 
Another person doesn't quite pull his pants up enough, if you're catching my drift... ew. 
Another guy is always practicing his tagging skills, and I can't help but wonder if he's putting his talents to use.... intrigue. 
Back we go to that fateful day, January 24, 2013. As I'm attempting to ignore my professor, I hear a strange sound akin to someone repeatedly dropping a quarter on their desk. I looked around to see the culprit behind the noise and discovered a girl spinning her ring around on her desk... one death glare and a quick glance up to the front of the room later, I realized that my dang teacher didn't even notice, he continued on singing his song (he does this a lot). I was more than a little annoyed that something broke my focus from the article I was reading about taking a picture of a black hole (super cool, different blog post). 
Then not 2 minutes later, I hear the scratching of a pen. What's going through my head at this point? "SERIOUSLY?! Like... I'm reading over here, folks." Only to discover it's the tagger. "For real, bro. Put your dang hubba bubba gum away and draw quieter." 
Here's where it gets weird, guys. Hang in there. 
Then... about 10 minutes of peace and quiet I hear another sound. Only this one was very faint. I turned to my left, just a guy sleeping, can't be him. So I turn to my right, and I was confronted with one of the most disturbing scenes of my life. There sat a girl, not 3 feet from me, just ripping her hair out. 
Not even like the figurative sense of the word (which is what I was doing, because my teacher was STILL singing), no she was literally ripping her hair out. The only thing I could think at that moment was not "How in the world will they even be able to see the black hole?!" nor was it "That is a good snapshot, well done fellow instagrammer." It was "Should I be concerned?" I came to the conclusion that YES, I should be worried. I continued to stare at her (similar to the photo) until she saw me and felt extremely uncomfortable (I assume) and stopped. 

Only, I fear my attempts to make her stop her antics forever were in vain. 
I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. 

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