Friday, February 8, 2013

Just a few things....

Well... it's that time.. where I sit in the library at school and ponder over last month.
You're in for a good read, folks.

Here is what has happened to me lately:

I started a new semester and I can honestly say that I have never been so busy in my whole life. College is hard, friends.

I found out that I got accepted into the London Study Abroad Program! Hooray! I'll be kicking it with Will and Kate and will most likely be around when they have their baby, so I'll probably be asked to be the godmother.

I also found out that I got a scholarship for the study abroad. Holler!

This guy at work has been coming into the compliance office regularly to talk to me and Hailey, and I started to worry... but turns out he just wanted to act like a teenager and tell us all about the girl he was crushing on. The first time he came in they were simply dating. The second time he came in he had bought her engagement ring. The third time he came in, he informed us that he accidentally proposed and she said "YES". The fourth time he came in, he told us that one of our other coworkers would be serenading him and his fiancé in the middle of the sales floor while he gave her the ring. The fifth time I saw him he simply put his left hand out and held it there for like 5 minutes because he was trying to show me HIS wedding ring, and because I suck at picking up on social cues I didn't notice until he said "Hey Sam, I eloped." Don't worry that his whole courtship was about 4 weeks. Here's a picture of what happened just after the fourth visit

I was presented with a success book at work and so now I am wondering if the men I work for think I suck at my job.

I came to the conclusion that my cat is most definitely plotting my murder...

I took my car, Ross, to the shop and discovered that he would indeed need a new engine. I may or may not have cried on my drive home. But on the bright side... He's getting fixed. So Ross will live to drive another day.

This girl I used to work with got married and Nicole caught the bouquet. So.... I'm most likely going to be the only single human left on the earth. Awesome.

My mom bought some chai mix and so now I am destined to drink chai everyday for the rest of my life. Or just until the mix is gone.

My Ethics and Values class just keeps getting weirder. Seriously I have never been in a class that my professor basically teaches through the musical word. He sings non-stop, and I can't decide if I'm completely freaked out or if I think it's hilarious.

I got an email confirming I will be allowed to enter the White House when I venture to our nations' capital. So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stoked on that information.

The last day of January was especially weird. I am almost certain that a man with an eyepatch was following me. I saw him at least three times within 1.5 hours... all in different areas of the school. And every single time I saw him, he stared at me with his one eye and I felt very uncomfortable. This is the only snapshot I could capture of him.

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for exciting moments of February.


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