Saturday, May 11, 2013

Better Times & Beautiful Things

It's every blogger's story.
"I can't sleep... and so.... I blog."
Seriously though, my mind is going 1,000,000 miles an hour and I can't get it to shut up.
However it seems my mind has a mind of it's own and it's currently rubbing my nose in the idea that I can't do a dang thing about the fact that it is not going to stop what it's doing: thinking.
I can't stop thinking about the fact that the 20's are a more beautiful time.
The 20's = the golden age.
I mean the 20's are the Fitzgeralds, Hemingway, Picasso, The Charleston, Jazz. The 20's is just a power-era of beautiful people and things. An era that produced the best literature and most beautiful people. I like to think that the relationships were better then. The humans were more well-behaved and loved more strongly and deeply.
And then my mind starts roaming about how I am never going to find a man that's quite as wonderful and refined as a man from the 20's and that makes me sad and that makes me remember how I can't do anything about it. Just as I can't do anything about how my mind hates me and is going to keep thinking about the things I don't want to be thinking about.

I mean it just doesn't get much better than Ernest. Too bad he came to a very tragic end.
And then that blasted brain of mine starts thinking about how much Paris is probably the most wonderful city in the world. Even though I have never been there... but I feel like I have because I've been obsessed with watching movies with Parisian themes and/or movies that are based in Paris. I love it. And then my brain reminds me that I'll be there in a little over a month, and that makes me realize that sometimes my mind doesn't hate me so much cause Paris is a great place and I'm beyond excited.
But this causes the whole music situation. 
I'm obsessed with french classical music lately. 
It's beginning to be a problem because it's all I listen to. Everywhere. At all times. I can't help it, its just so beautiful. Isn't it? Just take a listen. Try to tell me that isn't the most wonderful music your ears have ever beheld.
But here's what I've been thinking about a lot (I'll explain why shortly). 
I hate when things end or when things are done. Doesn't matter what it is: a good book, a movie, a wonderful television series, the food on my plate, a solid conversation, etc. Now here's the explaining part >> I recently finished watching the entire series of "Gilmore Girls" for probably the 3 thousandth time, and every time I want the ending to change. I always hope Rory will decide to marry Logan, I always hope that Rory won't really leave and Lorelai will forever be with Luke and constantly be on the air telling her witty jokes and casually throwing in those historical references. Every time I watch that last episode I cry like a little child and assume the "woe is me" act. I'm in a funk for weeks after and this could all be extremely embarrassing and now I'm embarrassed I posted this.. But the point is my head constantly reminds me how much I hate endings because it constantly thinks about them.
I'm worried that soon the love of the 20's will fade and I'll find a new favorite decade. Heaven help me if I start to love the 90's. Steering clear of that rubbish.   
I'm making myself stop. 
Over and out. 

P.S. Here's some photos to get you guys hooked too.

They're all just TOO good.

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