Sunday, May 19, 2013

preparation & all sorts of anxiety

So in preparation for my trip across the pond (we're down to 3 weeks, babes) my mom has been speaking to me - as only Kerri would - in British terms.
I mean... I'm sure it would be extremely helpful if I had any idea what in the world she was talking about. But I mean, even the context that it's put in doesn't seem to help the situation much and most of the time I just akwardly smile and remain silent, even when I know she's looking for a response.
Sometimes I reach the point of such utter confusion that I don't even smile. I simply sit there and stare at her for a LOOONG time. Again, silently.
Both reactions don't seem to get through to her. She still doesn't seem to understand that I have absolutely no idea what she's talking about. Or there's the really likely possibility that she DOES know that I have no idea what she's talking about and she just doesn't care, cause it's fun to say things like "quid" "rubbish" and "mickey."
Here's a good one:
One evening, as she was making dinner, she says to me "Don't be offended if people take the mickey out of you..." and I'm sitting over here like.... "M-I-C-K-EY M-O-U-S-E! I'm not planning on taking any Mickey Mouse paraphernalia with me but, okay, thanks mom. Gee, that's some quality advice!"
You'll get a kick out of this:
We were looking up some stuff on the internet for me to buy, you know, cause you need a new wardrobe when you go over seas. Anyway, I found something totally awesome and she asked me how much it would cost her. So I told her "about $21.95." She responded with "Oh, ok 21 quid 95." All I could say was "Um... no $21.95. As in 21 dollars and 95 cents." All she did was laugh at me. She didn't tell me what it meant. And so now I'm left to assume that they use squid as their currency. Yuck-o.
Needless to say, I'm a little worried about understanding the folk over there.
I did find out, however, that most of the time people just say "cheers" which is something I know I can understand. Especially if it involves a frothy butterbeer! Hoorah for England! Yahoo for study abroad! Yippee for getting out of Utah and immersing myself in Shakespeare and all sorts of literature.
Who knows, perhaps I'll just stay over there.
Better get in your goodbye's now!


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