Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Never Want to Leave, Part 2

Ok so let's pick up where we left off.

Tuesday June 18:
We went to a museum with an exhibit called the Wellcome Exhibit.
It was entirely medical things this man collected.
He was probably really weird cause he had some sketchy sketchy things.. I won't fill you in on the gruesome details.
I suppose you gotta just go and check it out for yourself.
Or maybe you could look it up on the internet.
That may be easier and WAY less expensive.
After that we went to a Jazz and Blues bar.
My first experience legally in a bar.
Woah. That was pretty weird.
It was rad though. These guys were like singing Jazz and I felt like I was transported back to the 20's! Hooray!
Then we just came back to the blistering flat and hung out for the rest of the night. Seriously. This flat is so hot.
But it was Kasee's birthday and so we sang to her and some peeps made up a song for her. It was wonderful.

This grossed me out to no end.. I won't even show you the back. 
Honestly I don't know... It blinked at me a lot. 
Confused? Maybe a little.

Wednesday June 19:
We went to this church that's in the movie "The Da Vinci Code" and our professor gave us more fake facts.
But this is the place that Shakespeare first had "Twelfth Night" performed. It was pretty rad.
I mean, not the church, but this other building, which was called..... Middle Temple Hall?
We then headed over to The Globe for the second time to tour it and saw some pretty famous actors rehearsing "Macbeth"
That was interesting for sure.
Then we got some delicious dinner.
Let me tell you about this because seriously this was probably the best part of the day.
I had the best hamburger ever.
Like 5 Guys doesn't even compare.
I honestly don't even know how to explain how delicious it was.
I guess it could have been because I hadn't eaten all day long... but I like to think it just truly was that delightful.
Then I headed back to The Globe to watch another play (The Taming of the Shrew)
This is a play I have always enjoyed. I saw it with my auntie and my cousin when I was little and so I have some pretty wonderful memories of it. Plus "10 Things I Hate About You" is a fantastic movie. And I miss Heath Ledger a whole bunch.

There's the church you Da Vinci Code fanatics.
Just the Globe. No big thang. And my entire group. All just walking into my pic. 

Thursday June 20:
I went to the British Museum and man alive is that place HUGE.
I seriously think that all of Provo and Orem could fit in just that building.
But probably not... But you guys... If you could see how massive this building was, you might just agree with me.
I saw some pretty cool cool things.
Basically everything that's in this museum is stuff that those Brits have stolen.
Which is pretty radical in its own right. Am I right or am I right?
But the stuff was awesome.
We saw the coffin that holds Cleopatra. The one and only.
I thought they were lying to me until I saw some real mummies just hanging out... outside their coffins (I guess if you wanna be technical and stuff it's call a sarcophagus). It totally wasn't natural and didn't sit with me. Needless to say I left the Egypt exhibit and found a very nice bloke to chat with for a little while.
After leaving this place we headed back to the flat. This is a very long process.
Let me take you through it:

  1. Walk to the nearest Underground. Which seems like it wouldn't be too hard, but sometimes they're further than you think.
  2. Wait for the correct train. 
  3. Sit on that train (maybe stand if the train is crowded)
  4. Sweat to death (especially if the train is crowded)
  5. Pay attention so you don't miss your stop.
  6. Walk back to the flat.
Seriously. There isn't enough time in the day. Ok there is. Plenty.
I'm not complaining. 
Honestly, I love the tube. (There is no sarcasm. I'm being serious)
It makes me feel so metropolitan. 
I just wish that I had my own car sometimes, drive where I want to and when I want to. 
After getting back to the flat a few of us wanted to see if there was a chance that we could get some student priced tickets to see some Les Miserables (no, that is not pronounced "Less Miserables", you guys! Come on. Get with the prog).
Too bad it was sold out. 
So we just shopped a whole lot.
Went to this place called Cool Britania. Best souvenir shop I have ever seen in my entire life. 
Then we went next door to a place called Lilywhites. And I found some really good things for some really good peeps.

Yeah.. This is in London. I was appalled too.

Friday June 21:
Head to Paris.

More on that later.
I WILL get better at this blogging thing. Hold off for Paris.
You may hear some stuff that will absolutely blow your mind.
Be stoked.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Never Want to Leave, Part 1

Consider yourself warned.
This blog post is basically a novel.
But to spare you, I'll break it up.
Look out for the second part sometime tomorrow.

Ok. So let's get down to the nitty gritty.
Here's a few minor things about London I need to complain about.
  1. No matter how long I reside here, I will never get used to how small the sinks are. I'm sorry, but normal human beings cannot wash their hands or faces in these washbasins without making a colossal mess. I am no exception to this fact. I am ashamed to say that I get water all over the floor (and myself) when I go about my nightly routine. 
  2. Seriously with the lack of AC?! I think I might be melting. Actively melting. I am going to ask all of you to do something for me. Close your eyes and think of the last time you saw a dog sticking its head out of the window of a car... got it? Good. Now imagine a 20 year old girl sticking her head out of a window on the 4th story of a building and you have successfully imagined my life. This is the only thing that provides me any sort of relief from the blistering temperature of my flat (that, and I guess keeping hydrated; drinking water and whatnot).
  3. Humidity. I honestly think it would be ok if this just left and never returned. On the plus side, this humidity thing does wonders for my skin that no amount of lotion could ever do in Utah. 
As you can clearly see, these are all minor details. 
Other than these complaints, I really am having the time of my life. 
Let me tell you about our recent adventures. 
And maybe, hopefully, you get super jealous of me. 

Alright. So we got back from Salisbury on Saturday evening and I don't know if I've ever been so tired in my whole life.
I can honestly say that I don't really remember what happened that night.
This is not from being drunk or what have you (I don't do that stuff any family member that's reading), but is quite simply from exhaustion.
So far I'm not sure if I've felt anything short of delirium - from being so tired of course. Goodness guys.
Get with the prog - a common term in the flat. Coined by myself. OBVI.

Sunday was a beautiful day.
I woke up to the sound of my roomies getting ready to go to church and I have never felt so inclined to jump out of bed and get ready for the day.
Seriously, I was stoked on it.
This might be because I didn't want to miss on a good time with my roommates, but I am leaning more towards the idea that it's because I love the Church and the Gospel and was excited to experience something that I know is the same wherever I go.
I suppose it's that it's a little piece of home. And that makes me incredibly happy!
I miss all of you. So much.
After church we got ready to go to some street markets that we had found on the infamous "Jack the Ripper" tour.
I found the cutest ring for 5 pounds and was thrilled.
And then..... we hit the mother load.
There's this market, you guys. It's called Old Spitalfields Market.
I'm going to need you to do some more imagining.
Imagine... walking into a market (similar to City Creek when the roof is covered but not two stories, ya know?) and just seeing vendor after vendor, as far as the eye can see! SOOO much happiness!
Ok now imagine, walking up to the first vendor and finding the worlds happiest record.
But then being cut in line by a grumpy stinky old man..
Now imagine that grumpy, stinky, white-haired old man passing over the very record and grabbing a different, slightly less wonderful record to purchase instead.
Madonna. These are the instances that make life worth living. These are the instances that restore my faith in humanity.
So, if you're imagining all of this correctly, you should be feeling a roller coaster of emotions.
I was.
I snatched that record so fast, I think the man I was purchasing it from was afraid I would run off with it.
I didn't. I'm an honest person, you guys! Gee.
It was slightly more than I wanted to pay but..
It was a Beatles record. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to be precise.
Go ahead and be jealous. I'll allow it.
I found a really good necklace and some high-wasited denim shorts too but those aren't important.

Tower of London.
Sheesh. This place is un-freaking-real.
In all seriousness, I thought this place was a legitimate tower.
AHAHA joke's on me. It's a castle. With lots of towers.
When we got there, one of our professors, Nate, decided he would trick us all with fake facts about London.
He starts rambling off about how the Tower Bridge was built and I didn't hear the whole thing, but apparently it was built in 1988 but 1 million Chinese men. Each stone weighed roughly 5 ton and several men died in the process. Clearly false, but gosh dang-it, the guy is so convincing. You'd believe it too if you didn't hear the 1988 part.
But ok this place is beautiful and wonderful and any other word you can think of that ends with "ful" that's has a positive connotation.
I saw the crown jewels and so now I'm convinced that when that lucky guy gets to ask me to marry him, I will be unsatisfied with that ring weighing anything less than 5000 carats. Seriously the jewels are breath-taking. And Queenie is such a lovely lady.
The whole time Kasee and I were looking at them, I couldn't help but think how terrifying it would be to be royalty.
To sit in that coronation and have millions of dollars worth of precious stones atop your head.
An entire country watching you, waiting for you to mess up.
Knowing your kids and grandkids are subject to that same attention and will one day sit on the throne.
Scary scary stuff.
We then saw some ancient weapons and then made a break for it.
By the way, Tower Bridge is unreal as well.
Later we went to Primark, which is like H&M on steroids and I spent too much money.

This is the Tower of London. I know, it threw me off at first too.

Tower Bridge of course. It was on the Olympics all the time, if you don't recognize it... You need to get out more.

I'm not entirely sure if this building had a specific name but this is where the Crown Jewels are held. So pretty.

This is the White Tower. This is where you can see all the weapons and such.

More of the White Tower. I just think it's funny that they have babies on the "Toilets" signs.

Tower Bridge up close and personal. Ain't she a beaut?

And now I'm not very sad to say that this is where I'll end because I know you guys are tired of reading.
I'm sick and tired of writing.
So... so long. Farewell.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Walls, Ripper, Bathing, & Salisbury Steaks

Ok here's the recent news:
I saw about 3 billion pieces of an ancient wall.
I learned that Ripperologists exist.
I went to Bath and saw where ancient Roman's bathed.
I went to Salisbury (didn't eat steak) but saw some  more ancient stuff.

I'll elaborate for you

One of the professors that came along with us (Nate) took us around the city to see an ancient Roman wall.
I'm not entirely sure what the whole story is, but I'll try.
Apparently it was built by the Romans in the second century.
There were feuding emperors and one built it to protect his kingdom, but he was overthrown anyway.
Poor guy. Can't help but feel bad for him.
Somehow they have lasted since then, and were only rediscovered after WWII bombings.
I honestly didn't know anything about it before I went on this excursion but I'm glad I tagged along.
Because it's beautiful

Had to throw one of myself in too! Sorry I'm not sorry. Except my shirt looks weird.

Later that night a few of the girls and I went on a "Jack the Ripper" tour.
We met this guy that hated Mormons so that made things rather awkward.. But I quickly got over it.
Our tour guide was so animated and fun and I probably would have been scared if the tour were at night.
But luckily for me, it started at 7:30 and ended around 9:15. The sun doesn't set until like seriously 2:00 A.M. here.
So I was just fine.
She told us about all of his victims and took us to all the sites that they were found.
The tour was very informative and I discovered that people who study "Jack the Ripper" are called Ripperologists.
I think I know what I want to do with my life. Ripperology.
I don't have any photos of that tour, unfortunately.
But I do have one of an awesome wall we found after we left. That's it.

The next day we woke up at like the crack of dawn (really it was 10:30) to head to Bath.
This is where ancient Romans built some baths.
Weird, I know.
But this city is probably the most enchanting city I've ever been to.
The Roman Baths were cool but the water was disgusting as it's been there for quite some time.
There was a fountain at the end of the tour with some water from the natural hot spring...
You better believe I drank it and promptly started gagging.
It was disgusting and warm.
But I'm pretty sure it's the Fountain of Youth and so now I'm going to be young forever.
I took 1 million pictures,
I'll just show you a few though.

This guy was supposed to be like a Roman. Ew. They bathed in that green stuff behind us.

A few hours later, we got back on the bus and headed down to Salisbury. 
No, I didn't ask if this is where Salisbury steaks come from. 
Deal with it.
We stayed in a super sketchy hostel and told scary stories. 
Needless to say, I was terrified. 
As we were getting ready for bed, a man, probably in his seventies, walked in wearing only a speedo.
He had the nastiest mole on his thigh that I wish I had never seen. 
I seriously am scarred for life. EW.
That night I tried fish 'n chips for the first time...
And drumroll please.........
Anyway, this morning we ventured down to the Salisbury Cathedral and it was so lovely. So so lovely.

These are the original doors. This cathedral was built in the 1200's. Nutso, right?

Later we took a trip to Old Sarum. 
Old Sarum is an old Anglo-Saxon castle. 
It was so fun there, but so windy. 
Seriously though, I ran around like an idiot for an hour and a half and just had the time of my life. 
I loved it.
It's up on a hill and the scenery was unreal. 
Makes me so grateful for the world we live in. 
But also made me feel like I was placed right into a movie. 
Check it.

But here's what I loved the most:
It's so pretty. SOO much windier than Old Sarum.
But also so much prettier than Old Sarum.
Here you go. Enjoy

Anyhow, that's the recent stuff.
Now you're all up to date on my life.
Love you, my lovelies!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Accept my apology

I apologize for the lack of my posts. I suck. I'm sorry.
Let's start a-fresh.


SOOO much stuff, you guys!
Start from the beginning.
This was the first day of classes and I couldn't even believe what happened to me.
I woke up BEFORE my alarm.
Those of you who know me, know that this is a rare occurrence.
Holy cow.
Ok so here's the deal. I'm taking Shakespeare and Myths & Legends.
I know, I know. My life is way better than yours. I'm taking the coolest classes.
We started reading "A Midsummer Night's Dream" just the first two acts.
If you haven't read that play you need to. It's so good. And hilarious.
We talked about Anglo-Saxons in my Myths class and here's a question: did you guys know how angry these peeps were? Cause they were. Always. Always. They hated people. Much like me. I think I'm Anglo-Saxon.
Shortly after my classes my cute friend and I went to the cutest little cafe, where I had the nicest sandwich.
Then we headed over to the V&A museum.
This museum is effing massive and was virtually impossible to see all of it in the allotted time.
But it had a whole section dedicated to Raphael. I thought of you, Melissa Findeis, if you're reading.
Anyway, that was fun but I'm saving the best for last.
We came home for like two minutes and then went to our first play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
We got on the tube at South Kenzington and got off at Mansion House.
I'm turning European on you guys, I know how to use the Tube. I know the stops and everything. 
I'm going to warn you guys. I had absolutely no idea where we were or if I would even see anything that was rad at all.
I mean it's all cool. It's London
Ok.. So we walked for a while and then turned left down this little street that I assumed was a bridge as we had to cross the Thames.
I know... The Thames. I about died too. 
Anyyyyywayyyy... I turn the corner, and there it is.
The Millennium bridge. In all it's glory.
If you don't know what bridge this is, look it up.
You will most definitely recognize it from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (That's the sixth one)
It's at the beginning of the movie and the death eaters tear it down and it falls into the river.
Don't worry this didn't happen to me, but I think if it did, and I did die this way... It would be a wonderful way to go.
We made it safely across and headed to GLOBE THEATER I know... I was freaking out too.
It's the theater that Shakespeare held his plays in.. I don't think it's the original but it's pretty either way.
That was the end of that night.. I stood for about 4 hours without being able to sit for a single second. Don't ever try it. But it's worth it at the Globe. Cause well, it's the Globe.
And the play was incredible. SOO funny.


Ok.. Classes first. 
And I regret to say that I'm getting into a bad routine. Waking up ten minutes before we have to be in the classroom. 
Good thing it's only like 2 seconds away, as it's in my same building. 
But like... the peeps here must not like the idea of lifts/elevators/escalators. 
They are NOWHERE. 
I'm starting to understand why people are so thin and good looking here. 
Speaking of that, I sat by the most attractive human on the tube. I'll get to that though.
Ok. So this is the day of all days.
Hunker down.
This post is worth it I promise. I have photos.
So after classes we decided to go on a little walking tour of London.
It was so long, but so worth it.
Here's what we did:

  1. Hyde Park. I was desperately searching for my main squeeze Jude Law or like Tom Hardy but they were nowhere. Sad. Anyway, I seriously have never been anywhere so beautiful. It's SOO green and just perfect. There's the cutest pond with swans and a bridge and it's just a scene straight from a movie (I mean most of London is, but whatves). While we were walking through I noticed the name of the trail we were walking on was the "Princess of Wales Trail" or something like that. Which is awesome. Because Princess Di was just so wonderful. 
  2. Buckingham. I seriously almost cried when I saw this. It is so beautiful. I know that I have said that about like everything but seriously you guys. The gate was the most intricate thing I have ever seen. Gold intricacies and I couldn't take it all. I couldn't. From here, I could see the top of Big Ben but I told myself that I was wrong and that I hadn't seen it yet. "Must be something else" I said to myself. I was sincerely hoping I would be casually glancing up at one of the windows and see little Queenie looking through the drapes and just wave to her like it ain't no big thang. And we would be besties from there on. Nope. I would have even been ok with seeing Prince Harry. No such luck. 
  3. Piccadilly Circus. So cool. The only thing I can even compare it to would be like... Times Square in New York. If you haven't been there, then, well.. I don't know what to tell you. Watch the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's where they go after the attack at the wedding. You'll notice it. It's pretty radical. 
  4. Trafalgar Square. This place is pretty awesome too. Giant lion statues. Meow. I climbed on the statue because like YOLO (you're only London once?) YOILO? Whatever. I'm only in London once. I hope that's not true though. Ok so... We took some good pictures and then my student advisor, Jena, came up to me and said: "Sam, I'm filming your reaction to this. Look over there." and pointed down one of the streets. I seriously screamed out loud, and then realized how loud I was being and quickly covered my mouth. BIG BEN. In all his glory. Seriously. So breathtaking (I know I haven't said that one yet) I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up a little. I then proceeded to take a photo like an Asian tourist. You know, squatting awkwardly? Yeah, then one of those blasted double-decker buses got in the way. So I had to wait impatiently for it to move. 
  5. Big Ben. Up close and Personal. (don't make dirty jokes in your head. Already know you're going to). The only thing I'll say is that you guys need to come here for yourselves. You'll have a come-apart.
Oh yeah that guy on the tube? I seriously have never seen a more attractive man since I've been here. I got on the train and immediately saw him. He was that good-looking. As I stood in the crowded car I thought to myself "I already know there's no way I'm going to be able to get anywhere near him, but a girl can hope." But my oh my lady luck was on my side. At the next stop the woman next to him got up and left. Let me tell you, I beelined straight for that seat, made it too. Sat next to him for the next 20 minutes or so. He smelled like I would imagine happiness to smell as well. No photo though. I thought it may be a little awkward to take a selfie and include him in it, ya know. I think he may have noticed. Well.. I may have been tagged in one on the book with him in it. Check it.

Anyway.. here's the photos. I'll wait to tell you about today for a different post. Love you, my lovelies. 


Disclaimer: I haven't figured out how to edit these yet so if they look bad blame Canon. I think they look rad and I didn't even have it on the automatic setting. Thanks Brad and Eliesa for teaching me how to use my cam. 

V&A Museum which stands for Victoria & Albert, I believe.

I honestly can't remember. It's a famous guys memorial. But how am I standing like that? Don't judge my shoes. My feet hurt.

Hyde Park


Some chickees in my group. We're still in Hyde Park

Cheesin so hard. Rose Garden in Hyde Park

Don't know what this gate is. But's its pretty huh?

Am I seriously here?


Golden intricacies I was talking about earlier

Right outside Buckingham. Making some wishes with the roomies.

Toss 'em

Piccadilly circus freaks


Oh holy meow. ROOOOAAAR

Right? So cool.