Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Abbey Road or Abney Road?

So July 11 guys.
This is the day I was looking forward to for a WHILE.
A long while.
(Listen to this song while you read this).
This is the last day of class.
This is the day I would experience Abbey Road.
This is the day of all days (that is until the next day).
So here's how it went.
We went to Abbey Road and I was the happiest person.
And I took this picture.

And I was the happiest girl on the planet... still.
I would have spent all day there if it was possible.
Plus the weather was sent from heaven.
Prettiest day ever.
Shortly after we left Abbey Road Kasee and I headed to Baker Street.
If you know anything about anything (or really just if you know anything about London) you know that this is where the Sherlock Holmes museum is.
But if you know a little bit more than the average American, you know that the Beatles Store is here too.
And if you know like all there is to know about Baker Street, you know that there is a rock and roll store here as well..
And if you're a Baker Street-ologist you know that there is also a Baskin Robins here. Which made me even happier.
So naturally you can reasonably conclude that I went to all of these places.
Ok that's kind of a lie.
The line to get into the museum was WAY too long so we just went into the gift shop.
It had some pretty radical things that were WAY out of my price range.
It's a dang good thing I'm not a huge fan of Sherlock. Watson is more my type of guy anyway.
The rock and roll store, though. Guys. It's probably a bad thing that I went in there.
Cause even though I only bought a few little things, it added up very quickly.
Whatever. YOLO (You only London once... but probably not. I'm definitely going back).
And then there's the Beatles store.
This is a different world, entirely.
And I knew so many people that would just die in there.
Because I did.
There are signed records and all sorts of fancy stuff in there.
And there's a whole bunch of things that normal people can actually afford too.
So I bought some stuff there.
Spent a little too much money. But hey.... It's The Beatles.
So then we headed over to Baskin Robins.
Because.... well the ice cream in London is awesome, but like we were both craving our Jamoca Almond Fudge.
It's fine.
So then you guys, I went to this magical place called Primark.
It's fabulous.
The reason behind this was to buy a suitcase.
Too bad Primark has crappy luggage.
So we went down the street to this luggage store. Go figure.
Found some way cute carry on suitcases and asked how much they wanted them for.
And then quickly turned them down. 35 pounds. Yeah right.
They loved me though.
Cause I talked them down to 25 pounds.
Yeah I did that.
So we headed back to the flat to be part of the family dinner our flatmates were making.
And to be part of the talent show.
Too bad I have zero talents.
But we did an embarrassing thing that I won't disclose at this time.
And we had an awesome night. And I wanted to cry because it was all ending.
Stay tuned. We have more blog posts coming.


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