Monday, July 22, 2013

I'll take my time (coming home)

So remember how I told you that I was sick after I got back from Paris?
Yeeaaaahhhhhh, that was nothing.
The day after I got back from Scotland I was sick sick sick sick sicker than a dog.
While all my lovely fellow study abroaders went to Camden and bought some radical things, I stayed home in bed. And basically just puked my guts out. It was zero fun and I wanted to die.
But then, when they came home, Kasee presented me with the most beautiful sight I ever did see.
Tickets to Les Mis. For that coming Friday. The same day as Harry Potter. (that is a good blog post by the way).
I think I was healed as soon as I saw those things.
But then I remembered that I was sick and had to lay back down and stop jumping around the room.
And then I remembered that we were going to the London Eye that night.
So naturally I had to down like 4 liters of Sprite in preparation.
And I had to sleep for like 3 more hours.
And somehow I was well enough to make the trip.
It's a good thing too because holy cow is it the coolest thing I have ever experienced.
Here's a few photos for you lovelies.

Most random asians with penguins.
I was really alright with it though.
They were really nice.

The rest of that night was kind of a blur for me... kind of like these cars in this photo.

Mostly because I think I was actively dying. Seriously, I was so out of it.
I may or may not have recorded like 30 minutes worth of conversation on my phone because I'm an idiot and because I had no idea it was even being recorded. That, my friends, is how delirious I was.

The next day, however, turned out to be a pretty good one.
I went to the British Library and saw some pretty radical things.
I'll tell you what they are. I'll even put little numbers by each thing to help you guys out:

  1. One of the oldest copies of Beowulf
  2. Jane Austen's stuff. Like some of her real life handwriting and writing desk.
  3. Shakespeare's first folio
  4. 2 of the 4 Magna Carta (that means I've seen 3 of the 4 - saw one in Salisbury too).
  5. And... drum roll... Original Beatles lyrics. Yes, I saw John Lennon's handwriting. Would have brought me to tears too if that room wasn't so blasted cold.
If that isn't enough, after we left the library we went to King's Cross. 
You know what that means?
Platfrom 9 3/4
I know I know. 
You're all insanely jealous. 
Just wait. You will be even more jealous later. 
This is how you must pose when you're at the platform.

Notice the scarf flying all magically in the air. 
So wonderful. 
Also, I fell in love with one of the workers there. 
His name was Alfie. 
I know. Too good. 

Later we got all cutesy on everyone and had a picnic in Hyde Park. 
Not only that, but it was by the Peter Pan statue.
Could my life get any better?! 
I don't think so. 
There's this place in London called Pret. And it is the best place on the planet, I think. 
So I had the best food with the best people in the best place on my best picnic. 
It was the best. 
And I saw Kensington Palace and I waved to Prince William and Kate. 
Which is totally a lie but they wouldn't even let us in the palace to see how the nursery was coming along. 
I only wanted to help. Gee wiz. 

Well that's all for now, folks. 
Expect a ton of posts within the next couple of days. 
Gotta get caught up. 
Which seems like it will never happen. 


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