Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh William Wallace

Scotland is wonderful.
I wish this simple sentence did this place justice.
Too bad it doesn't.
I can't even express to you how great it is.

The first day was just kind of miserable because I had a bag that weighed roughly 3 million pounds.
Once we got to the hostel is was ok, though.
I never thought that a hostel could be so nice.
It was a dream.
Only 18 girls in one room is a little much.
Anyway, we got some dinner.
I tried haggis.
It weirded me out.
That texture is freaky freaky.
The night ended with some card games and I think I might have won, but also I might have lost.
I'm still a little confused about it.

I don't know if you guys know this... But I got a new house.
Call Cribs on MTV cause they're gonna need to see this place.

See that castle above my head?
That's my new house.
It comes complete with scenic views, a church on site, and some torture chambers.
So don't get on my bad side.
No, really that's Edinburgh Castle.
And I went there.
And it's really cool.
And as I was leaving, I saw a guy playing the bagpipes and I almost fainted.
It was so picturesque.
I got some good things for peeps and then I went on a ghost tour.
I was terrified.
Usually I don't get that scared of stupid things like that but like our tour guide was so good at her job.
She should get a promotion for sure.
It was scary.
And I didn't get much sleep that night.

The next day was the Stirling trip.
Holy cow is Stirling the coolest place.

Cambuskenneth Abbey is that first photo. It was cool.
Now this part is crucial friends.
See that little tower thing on the left side of the last photo?
See how far that is?
Yeah... I walked all the way to that.
All the way.
It was ridiculous.
But that's the William Wallace memorial so I think it was well worth it. WELL WORTH IT.
I may or may not have yelled "FREEEEDOM" when I got up there.

After about 500 miles and about 500 more I was the girl that walked 1000 miles.
But seriously, this is what I saw from up there.

Then I went to Stirling Bridge.
And we stormed it.
And won.

So then I hiked another million miles.
And rewarded myself with an ice cream cone when I reached the top.

The next day was good.
I got to spend it with some close family friends and I had the time of my life.
We went to St. Andrews and laughed about the different words we use the whole way there.
It was the funnest thing for me to see how their family acted.
It reminded me of my family and that made me happy but also made me miss my cuties back home.
Anyway.. I had the best time at the beach and the most famous golf course.
Plus I was in Scotland when Wimbledon was won by a Scotsman.
So that's something.
Honestly I would write more on this but I fear that I would never stop.
My stay in Scotland was the best time.
I had way too much fun.
Oh but this is important.
I went to a castle called Blackness.
Apparently they used to hold American's prisoner there.
I was a little nervous it would become my new home.
But, alas, they let me stick around.

Plus I made it all the way back to my London flat unscathed.
Here's what I had to do:
Get on the plane to Luton
Catch the shuttle back to the train station
Catch the train back to King's Cross St Pancras
Get on the tube back to South Kensington
Walk back to the flat
Total travel time: 3.5 hours, roughly.
I have mastered London transportation.
They try to throw me for loops.
I just am too good at public transit, I guess.

Well there's Scotland for ya, my lovelies.
I'm super sick of blogging.
But I'm too behind to stop.


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